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  • Michele35 - Dr. Song organic teeth whitening powder claims to whiten teeth naturally in up to 30 days

    This is a neat product. I'd heard that activated charcoal can whiten teeth. This is my first time trying. I was worried that it would taste bad but you really can't taste anything. I dipped my damp toothbrush in the pot and brushed the charcoal on my teeth for a couple of minutes. It's really weird to see your teeth and gums completely black! Then I rinsed and brushed my teeth with regular toothpaste. My teeth actually appeared a little bit whiter after the first use! Looking forward to continual use of this product. You can use it twice a day. They recommend that you do that for 30 days for optimal results. I'm excited. I received this at a discount in exchange for my honest review.

  • Ryan - missing pages

    The guide wasn't too bad until we travelled from Tennessee into Kentucky and found there was no section for Kentucky. Upon further examination we found the book is missing all states between Illinois and Louisiana. We are missing pages 137 to 184.

  • Searles O'Dubhain - They work great, give excellent sound quality

    They work great, give excellent sound quality, are easy to use, hold a charge all day long and do not cost an arm and a leg. On top of that they stay on your ear and do not quit when out in the woods or when in extreme humidity.

  • tato - good

    I bought this product to remove some common skin tag on my neck,this is for warts, but i used for my skin tags. And work, after 4 application, the skin tags turn black and fall.

  • Tony - They worked!

    Most importantly, I saw a big difference by the time I finished all 14 days of this product. The strips were very easy to apply and stayed on my teeth for the full 30 minutes without moving or slipping at all. They were very comfortable and after two or three days, you become used to it that you don't even feel them any more. The taste of the gel on the strips was not bad at all and the strips were very easy to take off. The residue left on the teeth was not bothersome at all and easy to wipe off. Also, my gums and teeth DID NOT become sensitive after using this product, which I was very happy with.

  • Terry - Leading others to hope

    I got up this Sunday morning and began the audio book. It's now 4:19 PM and I just finished. I bought the audio because it is read by Chip and Joanna. It was wonderful to hear how they met and how they struggled to get where they are today. They deserve the good fortune and success that they have worked so hard to achieve. To see them interact on the show and to here how it all came about gives me hope that there are many other couples out there that can be so happy. With all the negativity in the world, these people show an different path to grace and success. May God continue to bless their family and I will continue to watch as they inspire others to love one another.