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Orthodontist • Bethlehem, PA • Kutztown, PA • Viechnicki Orthodontics - Discover a smiling, more confident you with braces and Invisalign at Viechnicki Orthodontics in Bethlehem, PA and Kutztown, PA. Gentle braces specialists.

  • Orthodontists in the Lehigh Valley • Bethlehem, PA • Kutztown, PA - Orthodontists are specialists in braces and Invisalign. Dr. Joseph Viechnicki and Dr. Bryon Viechnicki straighten teeth in Bethlehem, PA and Kutztown, PA.
  • Braces • Bethlehem, PA • Serving Hellertown, Saucon, Whitehall - Braces gently straighten teeth with modern orthodontic techniques. Learn about comfortable orthodontic care at Viechnicki Orthodontics in the Lehigh Valley.
  • Invisalign • Bethlehem, PA • Serving Hellertown, Saucon, Whitehall - Invisalign is an exciting alternative to braces for adults. Invisalign straightens teeth to improve smiles by using a series of clear aligners.
  • Blog • Viechnicki Orthodontics • Bethlehem, PA • Kutztown, PA - Enter new contests. Learn the latest trends in braces and Invisalign technology. Get news about Viechnicki Orthodontics in Bethlehem, PA and Kutztown, PA
  • Contact Us • Viechnicki Orthodontics • Bethlehem, PA • Kutztown, PA - Contact Viechnicki Orthodontics in Bethlehem, PA and Kutztown, PA by calling (610) 865-4333. You can also make an appointment online.
  • Dr. Bryon Viechnicki • Orthodontist • Bethlehem, PA • Kutztown, PA - Dr. Bryon Viechnicki is an orthodontist and university professor. He specializes in braces and Invisalign in Bethlehem, PA and Kutztown, PA.
  • Dr. Joseph Viechnicki • Orthodontist • Bethlehem, PA • Kutztown, PA - Dr. Joseph Viechnicki is a board certified orthodontist. For over 30 years, he has improved smiles with braces and Invisalign in Bethlehem and Kutztown, PA.
  • Free Braces Consultation • Viechnicki Orthodontics • Bethlehem, PA - Kids ages 7 and up get a free orthodontic consultation by Dr. Viechnicki. Find out if braces will be needed, how much braces cost, and how long braces take.
  • Bethlehem Orthodontist • Viechnicki Orthodontics Bethlehem, PA - Gentle braces and Invisalign at Viechnicki Orthodontics Bethlehem. Serving Allentown, Saucon, Salisbury, Whitehall, Hellertown, Catasauqua, Nazareth.
  • Orthodontist • Kutztown, PA • Serving Berks, Fleetwood, Macungie - Gentle braces and Invisalign at Viechnicki Orthodontics Kutztown. Serving West Allentown, Macungie, Maxatawny, Fleetwood, Blandon, Topton and Berks County.

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  • Robert - Best development tool

    I purchased these for my Software Development team and, as always, Microsoft did not disappoint. The IDE is improved from the previous versions (does take a bit of getting used to), but the integration with Team Foundation Server is fantastic. Would recommend this at any time.

  • Melanie D - Did nothing

    I have taken this for 60 days and have had ZERO difference in my hair. I have been losing hair for about a year steadily and have been to a few doctors. All my nutrients are at the right levels, nothing is wrong with me (besides the stress over my hair loss!). I thought this would be the miracle pill as the video sure plays on the emotions of those who lose hair and are frustrated. I am a health nut and eat tons of fruits and vegetables, superfoods, etc. I am a healthy weight and do not touch processed or fast foods. There is no reason for my hair loss. I will continue to search for it though and I won't give up. I'll update this if I actually do find a product that works for me.

  • Mom of Two - I love this with my Flip Belt

    I love this with my Flip Belt. It stays in place. It is not cumbersome or uncomfortable when running.

  • Anne Compau - MUST HAVE for families.

    I'd don't know where our family would be if not for this book. Son was given the typical "autism" diagnoses by his pediatrician despite me explaining many peculiar instances related to his diet and stomach health. Doctor and two NP's all ignored my concerns so I tool matters into my hands and started researching, not having a clue where to begin. Happened to see this book recommended on Amazon and finally rented it one day and wow the info blew me away. Partly because of the info in this book I arranged for my son to see a holistic pediatrician since his primary REFUSED to do blood or urine work, yes REFUSED. The holistic pediatrician immediately ordered the lab work that showed that YES his stomach was severely damaged and showed many food sensitivities, among many other things. He's now on the path to healing, but I can't help but think where we would be if I had NOT taken a stand and just went along with the good ol' "doctors" guess. Scary country this has become.

  • LizzyLiz - Halitosis suffer's dream

    I tried this mouthwash and really liked it, although I definitely can't give it a 5 star rating because it doesn't prevent morning breath like it says it will on the bottle. At least not for me anyways (I have halitosis). I used it at night and had exactly the same bad morning breath as always. BUT on a positive note I do feel that it did something extra for me that other mouthwashes didn't do, which is neutralize the bad breath instead of just masking it. Ohh and btw, it will get rid of garlic breath instantly! I use it twice a day and then at night I usually just use regular listerine mouth wash because it's cheaper. I can't say that the effect of Therabreath lasts all day because if you eat something you may still feel the need to pop a mint/gum etc. Unless your eating something really bland. Over all tho this is an amazing product. It will keep your breath wayyyy fresher than any other mouthwash out there. My breath stays fresh for hours! I haven't tried any of the other prodcuts like breathrx or anything like that. I have been wanting to try them all out for the heck of it. Ohh and btw I tried the Therabreath toothpaste and hated it. Tastes horrible (like the gel on crest whitening strips! weird!) and made my teeth very sensitive.

  • nonpareil - Update of a classic

    This version does not appear substantially different than the 2005 version. What I find different is not what I am reviewing here, but the improvement made in the amount of genealogical information available on the Internet, the great bulk via I do find Family Tree Maker a vital tool in the organization of that information.

  • Gregory - Amazing

    Really good customer service ... They sent it fast and on time ! The 2 guys that delivered the machine actually carried it into my house to the spot I needed it ... They also called me 20 mins before they got to my house to confirm I was home ...Putting it together wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be after reading the reviews ! Took me 2 hours at the most.. I'm a big guy 6'4 280 (not fat)and I run on this thing daily since I got it and the belt works just as good/better than the treadmills at my gym ! I'm really happy with this treadmill ... The incline take a little while to get where it need to be but that isn't a issue for me