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Vegan Forum - Index page - Vegan Forum : Vegan Forum - Discussions about Vegan and Vegetarian lifestyle, Vegan Recipes, Animal Rights Issues, Vegan Health and more.

  • Vegan Chat - Vegan Forum - Vegan Chat : General Vegan and Vegetarian Talk forum. Learn about veganism and its relation to environment, morality and human health.
  • "Why Are You Vegan!?" - Vegan Forum - Right. As a vegan, you probably get questioned weekly, or if not daily as to why that is so. Instead of telling people your emotional ...
  • General Conversations - Vegan Forum - General Conversations : General and Offtopic Conversations. The forum to discuss world news, music, generic movies, politics, social issues and sport, everything that is not ...
  • Animal Rights Forum - Vegan Forum - Animal Rights Forum : Talk about Animal Rights. How to protect non-human animals from being used or regarded as property by humans? Discuss ethical aspects ...
  • Snakes? - Vegan Forum - What is the general consensus around here regarding snakes? I would imagine keeping one is negative, but I have a corn snake and have never ...
  • Veggie Questions and Answers - Vegan Forum - Veggie Questions and Answers : While talking with non veggies we get a lot of questions. This forum is to finding the best answers to ...
  • Animal Farming Is An Efficient Use Of Land - Vegan Forum - The human population of this planet is now approaching six billion and, even if every country on Earth enforced a strict and effective birth-control policy ...
  • Veganism And The Environment Forum - Vegan Forum - Veganism And The Environment Forum : Discuss how the vegan lifestyle is beneficial for our environment.
  • The Importance of Soil - Vegan Forum - "An awareness is growing that if the soil is deficient, then the carrot will be deficient. If the carrot is deficient, then we are deficient ...
  • Science, Philosophy, Religion - Vegan Forum - Science, Philosophy, Religion : Pro vegan science. News, facts and simple philosophical talk. Discuss the philosophy and ethics of veganism.

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    I have been using Office 2007 on my personal system (XP) and we use Office 2010 at work. I recently moved to Windows 7 on my personal PC and decided to go to Office 2013 at the same time.

  • Alexia Janie Evans - We love it. It is by far one of the ...

    We love it. It is by far one of the best things I invested in. I actually bought it intending to give it to my husband for Father's Day but I also wanted to make sure that the product worked well. It was a pleasant surprise for my husband when he came home. It makes beer taste really, really good.

  • Narratrix - So Glad There's A Big Bottle!

    My husband and I love this stuff! Sure it's pricey, but it's worth it, if only for the tingle-fresh feeling it leaves behind on your scalp and the delightful peppermint scent. It's definitely been a boon to my receding hairline, and my husband's, so for now, we're definitely sticking with it.

  • Kerry Searle - A great straightforward book. No index though so make notes in the Chapter section and inside the cover.

    I liked that the author did actual analysis of the supplements and did the shopping for the reader This allowed the reader to save money, time, and gas after getting the basic wisdom. Worth the price of the book alone.

  • saihou sidi njie - Very disappointing. phone not working and cannot connect.

    Very disappointing .phone not working and cannot connect.The pantec pocket black AT&T is notworking and cannot connect either the internet or make calls.The line bars on the right top comer has a yellow X across it.What is This?

  • houselm - Not right for my problem

    Our pool, over 20,000 gallons, had set unused for some time. The frogs were happy with it. In a smaller more controlled setting where we could have reversed the flow of water, it might have worked better. I think I had too many leaks. I am taking the pump off line, using solar, and a floating filter.

  • Carol S - Amazing, Incredable True Adventure, If possible I would make this book a 6 Star

    This is a WOW book and a keeper. A true story written by the author from interviews and diaries of the crew.