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  • C. Lighthouse - Great Stuff

    1 qt of Lucas Oil Stabilizer with every oil change helps keep my 1994 Mercury Grand Marquis alive. It reduces the oil consumption and it quiets the pinging that it has with lower quality fuel. It also makes a big difference for cold starts. The engine starts noticeably quieter and smoother and accelerates better before it warms up when I have the Lucas in there.

  • R. Silver - Great Quality

    This Gilmour hose is made out of the best material that I have seen in a garden hose. No kinking, east roll up, and I forsee using it for years to come!

  • mary webb - Excellent Product

    I have been using this product for about 4 years and have seen excellent results. After about 3-6 months of use I noticed I was seeing less of my scalp and my part seemed to fill in some. I have noticed that you must continue to use in order to maintain results. I tried to discontinue it a few times and noticed my hair loss increased when I discontinued.

  • Jamie Woellert - I'm home!

    I have known these people all my life, just did not know they were famous. Anyone growing up on this side of the tracks is either a part of a family like this or knows one. I love all the characters, it's my family so.....

  • kosmalj - BUGS IN THIS

    I was just at Costco and excited to see that they carried this as I wanted to try it (and was $5 off this month) and then decided to flip the box over to read the ingredients. I was so disappointed!! This product has Carmine in it. Carmine is a "natural" coloring made from the cochineal insect. It was the coloring Starbucks used a few years ago in their smoothies that caused a lot of media because it was not considered vegan (which upset a lot of folks). Carmine is used in many yogurts and foods (yoplait strawberry is one of them, and I believe Dannon uses it also). I know many of people in this world don't know what Carmine is so I'm trying to provide a little education because plain and simple - it's GROSS! If you're cool with consuming it, then that's your choice, but I just wanted to throw it out there and educate people on what it really is.

  • be obnoxious - did not see any changes

    bought a 2 month supply of this and did not see any changes. I was working out while taking this product and I think the gym was sculpting my rear not these pills. They did make me want to snack a lot though. Overall..Do not buy, scam!