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Looking for a Sex Therapist in NYC? | The Sex MD - Madeleine M Castellanos, MD is a physician and sex therapist who practices in the heart of NYC. Bringing together her medical and therapy skills, she...

  • About Dr. Madeleine Castellanos MD | Sex Therapist - Dr. Madeleine Castellanos MD is a board certified psychiatrist specializing in sex therapy in New York City. Dr. Castellanos has over 10 yrs in practice.
  • Frequently Asked Sex Therapy Questions | Sex Therapy NY - Visit the SexMD online to view Frequently Asked Sex Therapy Questions. Dr. Castellanos is a board certified psychiatrist specializing in Sex Therapy. More.
  • Public Appearances & Bookings - Dr. Madeleine Castellanos, Sex Therapist and Medical Doctor, is available for speaking and lecture engagements. Learn more...
  • Media Appearance | The Sex MD - TheSexMD, Dr. Madeleine Castellanos, has appeared on Fox News, Good Morning America, and countless other National and Local shows to discuss Sexuality, Sexual Health, and Sexual dysfunction treatments.
  • Recommended Products | TheSexMD - Dr. Castellanos, MD, recommends these products for improving your sex life and sexual health.
  • The Sex & Sexuality Blog |TheSexMD - TheSexMD Blog is the home of Dr. Madeleine Castellanos, M.D.. The blog features articles relating to Sex & Sexuality with straight-forward, professional opinions.
  • About Female Sexuality | TheSexMD - Learn more about female sexuality, common challenges women face, and great info about hormones and women's sexual biology.
  • About Male Sexuality | Sexual Health - Male Sexuality is a complex subject. TheSexMD, Dr. Madeleine Castellanos, M.D., can help you understand the challenges Men face.
  • Hormones and Sexuality | Sexual Help - Everything you want to know about Hormones and how they impact Human sex and sexuality.
  • Contact Dr. Madeleine Castellanos, M.D. - Contact Dr. Madeleine Castellanos, MD, the SexMD for Media Appearances, Private Practice Appointments, and engagements.
  • Using the term 'vagina' when referring to 'vulva' is damaging - The vagina is a very specific part of a woman's body that is actually completely internal (you can't really see it from the outside). For the external gen..
  • Period Sex Can Be More Intense - The Sex MD - Are there benefits to having sex during your period?  Many women find that....
  • Oxytocin is responsible for sex blush at orgasm | The Sex MD - ...continuous stimulation works best. Oxytocin is also released in large amounts at the time of orgasm, and is part of what contributes to the blush...
  • Approval of Flibanserin (Addyi) Gives Women Hope - The approval of flibanserin (Addyi) has created a lively conversation about women’s sexual desire, providing women with hope and demonstrated how import...
  • Do women care about the size of an erection? | The Sex MD - It's very clear that women have a preference for larger girth over length when it comes to the size of an erection. Why is that the case...
  • Sex Therapy, New York, NY - Dr. Madeleine Castellanos has her private practice in New York City, NY. She specializes in Sex Therapy and Sexual Health for men, women, and couples.
  • About Hormone Supplementation | TheSexMD - Information about Hormone Supplementation and Sexual Health. Visit the Sex MD, home of Dr. Madeleine Castellanos.
  • Functional Medicine - The Sex MD - Functional medicine is not a different kind of medicine, it is a different way of looking at disease and health. It treats the whole individual, understanding that all the systems of the body work together and affect each other.

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    Great goggle. Took it snowboard. Performed flawlessly. No foggings. Fits over my prescription glasses with ease. No obstructing views at all.

  • Stan Janik - beautiful doll

    I give my wife a Barbie doll each Christmas and we have been together over 30 years so she now has quite a collection but this one made a very nice gift in the packaging and with the red dress and diamond necklace

  • Devois007 - Mini is THE stroller for 'on the go'

    We bought the Mountain Buggy Mini to use as a travel stroller when we went to San Diego on family vacation (Zoo / Sea world), we found it is the PERFECT solution for quick trips out and travel (which admittedly is most of our trips to store and park). As owners of other Mountain Buggy products, we were drawn to this new compact and lightweight version. Turns out it's even easier to fold now with one hand. It also has new maintenance free tires that don't need filling, perfect for being away from home and our bike pump yet, and they work like a run flat car tire with plenty of bounce and give that other models solid wheels don't have. It weighs less than my 2 year old too, I can pop it in the trunk super easy. Like our other Mountain Buggy, it's durable enough to throw down a flight of stairs and hold up. Only regret is that it didn't include the bottle holder other strollers from Mountain Buggy do, but that's an easy accessory to pick up.

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    I thought I was ordering the old version 11 (my computer had crashed and that was what I had previously.) i had to research how to to convert all my old files, but after I figured out how to do that, it works very well.

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    I used to have Norton, then I used to have AVG. But they both slowed my computer down and were not very effective.