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  • Grandma - works okay

    Our dental assistant suggested this for plaque build up due to dry mouth. It works okay. I use it when I brush my teeth, but it seems to be really effective, it has to be used more often than twice a day. No real difference noted at my last check-up.

  • Linda M. - Common Sense Information to Detox From Unhealthy Food

    Okay...I'm going to be as honest and helpful as I can here. This book presents very common sense ideas and lots of information about recent advances in scientific research regarding food and diet. It is an easy and pleasant read, albeit a little repetitive. There are some interesting new ideas presented, but mostly it focuses on eating lean or "healthy fat" proteins and lots of non-starchy veggies. For 10 days, the plan requires you to give up dairy, gluten, sugar, caffeine, processed foods, starchy vegetables, beans, legumes and most fruits. It stresses high quality, organic foods--which, to be honest, can get quite pricey--but generally, I think are worth it in regards to flavor and health benefits. He never once says you HAVE to buy organic to do this detox, but organics are stressed throughout the book. The detox diet's main purpose is to wean you off of all the processed foods that are full of chemicals and preservatives and "hidden" sugars that cause intense food cravings, inflammatory responses and a myriad of health problems. To that purpose, I think it works well. It's main message is that food itself can be a medicine, which if used properly, can help our bodies heal and function at maximum efficiency. It's all about the FOOD.

  • mike 2000 - Premium Stainless Steel Solar Garden Lights

    I received a box of 6 and installed them as an accent border. I am impressed with the quality as the battery is in a socket and easily replaceable if needed. The point where the wires from the solar panel go into the housing is sealed well. Other brands have had poor quality control and not sealed well which lets water in and corrodes the electronics and battery terminals. If the day is sunny the lights will stay light until morning.

  • VOXReviewer - Stay away from this product!!!!!!

    This product gets zero stars, they are forcing me to give it one star. Do not buy it. One of the most aggravating experiences I have had in years. Spent four hours today working on this, two hours with tech support, to find out there is some kind of problem that would not allow Quciken to download my data. I am going to try Ace Money.

  • Jennifer R. Cramer - ... bigger children (26 and 40 lbs) but otherwise a GREAT running stroller

    The fit is a bit tight for two bigger children (26 and 40 lbs) but otherwise a GREAT running stroller. Does well over bumpy and snowy terrain

  • Bethann Dotson - Superb Natural Sore Muscle/Pain Reliever

    My husband loves this, especially in the evening. He said "Hot Cream" is so much better than Icy Hot away, Blue Emu, Bengay . He get really bad back pains for several years as the result from an injury. He had tried patches and creams with very little success. I applied this to his back and he said it was cooling, warming, very warming and that there was definite pain relief. The sensation lasted for 20 to 30 minutes but the relief lasted for hours. I had originally purchased it for myself as I try to use all natural ingredients but while checking out the ingredient list saw that it had capsicum and black pepper which contains piperine and I am allergic to both. Was very disappointing but as I said it does work for my husband. It comes in a 8.8 oz jar, is a light orange color with a cross between a cream and gel consistency.The mint smell when the jar is opened is pleasant but it dissipates within a couple of minutes. What he also really like is that it rubs in and gets absorbed within a very sort time, less than a minute in fact about 15 to 30 seconds and the smell is gone within a couple of minutes. I cannot speak to how it works on cellulite but can recommend it for muscle and pain relief. I am sure even with this large bottle I will purchase this again. I received this free or at a discount in exchange for my unbiased review.

  • bigmacdlux - A big step up.

    After years of disappointing releases in the series, THQ/Yukes finally stepped up their game, pun not intended. While the game still has a ways to go, it's definitely bringing the series in the right direction.