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Resumo Apostilas - A Resumo Apostilas é uma empresa especializada em materiais digitais para concursos públicos. Formada por uma equipe altamente especializada, a Resumo Apostilas produz instrumentos auxiliares voltados para sistematização do estudo e fixação dos conteúdos cobrados nas provas das principais bancas de concursos de todo o Brasil.

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  • Uppy - Did an awesome job for my computer.

    It found over 1000 things in my registry and cleaned them up. After which, I noticed improvements in the time it takes to start Windows XP and launch applications. The biggest improvement was on shutdown. My computer use to take around 30 seconds to begin the shutdown process. This now occurs almost instantly.

  • N. Rocco - Great supplement for kids too!

    I have tried a lot of supplements and alternative treatments to help with my son's eye problems. He suffers from rosacea and ocular rosacea which cause blepharitis. He had virtually no symptoms til one day he shows up - at the age of 2 - with a lesion on his cornea. Well, once he had the surgery to remove the lesion and the awful steroid antibiotic stuff that can cause glaucoma, we still had to deal with the chronic bleph. This is a lot for a 2 year old. I had been giving him up to 5 drops of Cellfood in his juice daily but it was not til I gave him over ten drops a day did I notice his bleph symptoms got better - no more styes. Now he gets 20 drops daily and his mood is better too.

  • shalloway001 - I am not sure what this is made out of but WOW!

    I have a 9 year old autistic son that cannot sit still in the tub and bating him has always been a struggle. I am constantly looking for products to make his daily routine easier. This bath mat is great. He still moves around but he is not "slipping and sliding" away from me. I could not help but notice what a difference it made while showering even when it was covered with soap and shampoo it was not the least bit slippery! I highly recommend this especially to those who are caregivers of children, disabled or the elderly.

  • Alyssa C. - Study for the GRE in Under a Month

    This book is amazing. Everything is detailed and organized. If you need extra practice like I did for math I would recommend getting Cliff Notes Math Review for standardized test. Kaplan does a great job explaining the answers for the verbal section but not so much for the quantitative section. Overall great book.

  • D. peraza - video game

    great game bought it for my nephew but the whole family likes to play it. makes you want to keep playing after you are done because you will try to beat each other that is if you are not burn out from the last song very enteraining

  • Sisi - Just okay...

    I just bought this from wal mart and did a car wash. I usually go with meguiars crystal wash which historically has given me lots and lots of foam and lubricity for the last 3 years, but because it was on clearance and out of stock I was stuck having to choose something else. I figured I'm already in the store might as well get something else since weather'll be good for the next week. I chose this one because of the reviews on amazon.