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  • Matt - Even those who are "not great with computers" are able to navigate ZOOM with ease

    Our company recently moved from another video conferencing platform to ZOOM. Without a doubt, ZOOM is one of the easiest to use platforms we've ever tried. Even those who are "not great with computers" are able to navigate ZOOM with ease. ZOOM allows you to connect a camera and audio via a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Additionally, if someone is unable to video in, they can call an a conference line number that is patched in. Also, anyone connected via a computer, smartphone, or tablet is able to view others faces via video and/or a screen share -- Also, it's very easy for anyone to share their own screen (even a tablet or smartphone screen).

  • Book Junkie - Appealing, Freeing and Thought-provoking

    As an inquisitive kid in Sunday school, I'd asked if the burning bush with whom Moses spoke was the Father or Holy Spirit (I figured it couldn't be Jesus as He hadn't yet been born). A stammering teacher told me there are mysteries about God we won't know this side of heaven. So I chuckled at Fr. Rohr's story in The Divine Dance of having his 3rd grade teacher simply hold up a shamrock to explain the Trinity. Affirming that God declared His creation "good" in the introduction, Fr. Rohr proceeds to challenge long-held views while resurrecting ancient images of early Church leaders portraying God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit engaged in a dance. What is so very appealing, freeing, and thought-provoking, is the concept that I am invited to dance just as I am. Right on!

  • BRITNEY - This PowerLead night vision camcorder is really nice. It is light weight and isn't too heavy ...

    This PowerLead night vision camcorder is really nice. It is light weight and isn't too heavy and bulky in my hands like the one my mom has. It also takes pretty good quality pictures and records good quality videos. I've been wanting a camcorder for a while now because I'd seen the one my parents had and they loved making memories with our family during the holidays. This year I'll be able to record my own family before we head to our big family functions with all the family. Everything that you need for the camera to work comes already in the box: the camera itself, the battery, a charger for the camera, a HDMI cable to connect to your TV. The only thing that you need to buy is your SD card. Overall I would definitely recommend this video camcorder. I did receive it for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

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    My mom got me this as a gift. The first use was great and I almost saw instantaneous results. My skin was glowy and smooth and felt hydrated and happy. When I woke up the next day, the red blotches I normally have around my cheeks disappeared and haven't reappeared since.

  • Gary S. - would recommend and continue to use Norton Anti Virus

    This product has given me no trouble and has worked fine. I will continue to use the Norton products as long as they perform in the task they are designed for. It was easy to purchase and easy to download and install.

  • Michele M - Love the style & how light weight they are but ...

    Love the style & how light weight they are but they are so small & thought I couldn't even get my foot in all the way. I typically wear a 5.5 so I ordered a 6 the opening is to small to put my foot thru.. So sad I have to return them

  • mizuno - <3 Speck

    Speck makes some of the best iphone cases out there! they are fully protective and stylish. People ask me all the time what brand case I use when they see the speck case on my iPhone. It also has that lip on the front that prevents scratching while the phone is face down on the table.