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  • Barbara D - Good all around product

    This product unfortunately did not work for the reason purchased (my fault; too late) but is wonderful for all types of issues. I would highly recommend this to others and would not hesitate to buy again. I particularly like that it's homeopathic and that did influence my purchase decision. Thank you.

  • Amazon Customer - I felt like the story was rushed

    I felt like the story was rushed. I didn't understand how the boat and movie set had any connection. The ending was very abrupt. I have read all of her Krewe Hunters series I'm sad to say this one wasn't one that I would recommend.

  • QuincyFarm - Basic but useful book, FOR PC's.

    A helpful intro to QB that is easy to use as a reference, or to read straight through as an introduction. Note, though, if you're on a Mac: The Mac version of QB2012 is a crippled, feature-less step-child of the PC version. Most of the accounting world, including the author, run PCs. You'll read instruction to do something that simply doesn't exist on the Mac product. For the features where there's parity, there's little variance, but there are a number of features (ie, tracking depreciation of capital expenses, like a truck, building, or piece of equipment) that the Mac version simply doesn't do. Too bad for you, should have bought a PC.

  • Teri Fladstol - PCOS

    This is a supplement we use for PCOS and it was unavailable for a little while so I found it on Amazon and got it within 2 days.

  • Kim Hargrove - but I'm sure it will be perfect.

    I've ordered for a Christmas gift, so it won't get played wirh for another couole of months, but I'm sure it will be perfect.

  • Emma Gat - I LOVE my Lumee

    I feel like such a fraud for loving my Lumee. Like such a Kardashian follower. But listen, it really is good. I've seen people here complain about removal, but they put instructions for safe removal of this case from your iPhone in the package. It's simple and completely safe, so I don't know what the problem is really. The light is perfect, and it's such a difference. It's just amazing. I don't even mind the bulk. I just love it so much!

  • Frank - Is 0 an allowed rating??

    If it is, I'm using it! I can't tell you how many gallons (a bunch!) and how much time (many, many hours) we used to apply this junk to 3 decks and a concrete landing. It wasn't easy either!! Looked really good in September when we finished. Now, here in December, most of it has chipped off and looks like pure crap!! I don't have words to express how disappointed and frustrated we are with this product. 10 years?!? This stuff didn't last 10 months!! Don't use it!!