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 The cluster of excellence  Nanosystems Initiative Munich (NIM) - Im Exzellenzcluster NIM entwickeln Wissenschaftler multifunktionale Nanosysteme für die Informations- und Biotechnologie sowie die Nutzung erneuerbarer Energien.

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  • D215 - Best locator so far? Very poor battery life!

    I Have been looking for a phone tracker that would tether to my phone so that if I left my phone anywhere it would warn me that I left it behind and so far the Mynt seems to be the best I have tested.

  • RustyCardores - The Hutzler Banana Slicer has made my working life hell!

    I live and work in Queensland Australia and as many of you will know, this is where bananas get bent. My career as a banana bender began when I first left school and thanks to my excellent banana bending technique, I have risen through the ranks to achieve the highest possible level of Chief Banana Bender Extraordinair.

  • Amazon Customer - How to Calculate True Cost

    Most folks are only taking into consideration the marginal cost of the CO2. We must also consider the capital cost of the device itself, and how much its used. Given the warranty is two years, depreciate the machine cost over the amount of water you drink over that period along with the extra bottles and CO2 exchange canisters. Also, one CO2 canister does in fact get close to 60L of soda (if you stop filling after the first air burp). Here is my calc:

  • bmac32 - Not Perfect

    But just good enough to open some eyes. True die hard Democrats will hate it as you can see by the rating but if one takes off the blinders they will see a much better of "The One".I have to ask myself why anyone would spend upwards of 3 million dollars to seal school records and just about any other record that matters and the media turns a blind eye. I have let several people borrow this and all came back with different opinions of Obama, even two die hards!

  • kathleen b. costa - Pretty cool and very helpful

    I really like using ACT for relationship and sales management purposes. Good product. Nice variety of optional reports that can be created for tracking.

  • Benjamin - Jack of all traits, master of none.

    I purchased a Casper queen size several months ago and must admit that I am pleased, but not blown away. The mattress itself is in the middle with most traits, it is not too soft but it also isn't too firm. While I prefer softer mattresses, I decided to buy a slightly more firm one after experiencing back pain on my previous mattress, and so far the Casper has done well at relieving the pain. When first jumping into the Casper for a night's sleep I wasn't too impressed, but after waking up I felt a sense of rest and comfort I didn't feel on my previous mattress. I also have been noticing that I am falling asleep faster than on my previous mattress as well. Overall, the benefits of the Casper are subtle to say the least, not noticeable immediately but building up a type of comfort over time. My only complaint about the mattress is that it can be a little too firm at times (an extra half inch to the memory foam layer would have made this mattress perfect), especially if you're a side sleeper but I have yet to wake up with an ache or a pain due to this. Also it should be mentioned that the customer support from the Casper site is excellent and flexible. If you're looking into a middle of the road mattress when it comes to softness and firmness, then I would recommend the Casper, especially with it's relatively low price. If you prefer to sleep on a cloud or a rock though, then you are better off looking somewhere else.