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Welcome - Tibial Plateau Fracture - tibial plateau fractures - Home for those suffering from a Tibial Plateau Fracture. Information and stories about recovery, tips & tricks Physiotherapy and more

  • Recovery - Tibial Plateau Fracture - tibial plateau fractures - Home for those suffering from a Tibial Plateau Fracture. With information and stories with sections like recovery, tips & tricks Physiotherapy and more
  • Tips and Tricks - Tibial Plateau Fracture - tibial plateau fractures - A Home for people suffering from tibial plateau fractures with sections on recovery tips & tricks, physiotherapy treatment healing and more.

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  • Char Char - Worth buying

    I love this case. I bought a different case at the phone store a couple months ago and my boyfriend bought this case for his phone. After about 6 months and a couple of drops that case broke. His case on the other hand looks brand new still and he drops his phone too. So I went online and bought this case and I couldn't be happier... Plus its see-through so for the first time in my iphone history you can actually see that I have the gold phone.

  • Kaaris - Love. This

    I was going to wait for a few more days to leave a review but I can't. I. Love. This. Beard Oil. First off it's about double the size as I normally see. It comes with a dropper, which is awesome! It arrived really quick and well protected. The packaging is great, it's a really cool looking, heavy glass bottle. There is no scent, which is what I like so it don't mix with the cologne I wear. I could tell a big positive difference the next day, after the first use. I'll say that a little goes a long way in my experience! It says to rub some around in your hands and then apply. You can experiment with a dry or slightly damp beard, I think that's just a preference issue. I always do dry, cause water and oil don't mix right? I use just a small puddle in the palm of my hand (shown in pic) and use my fingers to rub it around in my palm. Then with some oil on the tips of my fingers I rub it in my beard with a downward motion and then use this really great beard brush (see my past review on that) I have to work the product through my hair. I personally never use an upward motion to apply the product. I was worrying about it breaking me out, but so far so good. My beard feels softer, smoother, and never gets itchy. I think this will be great for the upcoming winter months as well... Just remember to use less to start off with so you don't douse yourself and make a mess or make you feel like you have oil all over your face. You can always add more, it's much more of a pain to wash it out or wipe off. It usually 'dries' or soaks in after about an hour or two I'd say. Over all I can't recommend this stuff enough.

  • Diane Wurst - Great Song

    Who doesn't love this song? Let's be honest, it's a classic. This version is excellent quality, I love it. You should definitely download it.

  • Ozzyrules2 - The Last Piece to my Puzzle

    So I tracked my package before I left for work today and realized that it would be delivered around 1pm. Around noon I told my manager my dad fell off a ladder and that I had to leave work to take him to the hospital. Pulling out of Taco HELL all I could think of was 3 Woof Moon shirt and where to make the public debut, and that 3WM would give me the guts to ask Tonya the deep fry girl to a drive-in movie tomorrow. I got home and the package was THERE! I tore open the envelope and - oh yea - HELL YEAH - 3 wolves, black t-shirt, one moon. I knew right away...My band's gota gig at Community Day this weekend, and most dudes in the other bands show off their Warrant, Ratt, Firehouse concert t shirts.. Compared to 3Wolf Moon they'll look like total jagoffs - sup now loosers???LOL. I've been to Space Mountain before and had sex in a public bathroom one time, but I can really say 3WM is the greatest thing I ever payed money for. I put it on and went to the big mirror and tried some different poses, with guitar, bandanna, different pants, no pants, junk between the legs...It din matter - My town seem too small for me anymore. Things are different now.

  • Mark W. Bohrer - Seems pretty dura ble through a few cycles of rolling up ...

    This thing fits the Sprinter's big windshield perfectly, and keeps the vehicle much cooler than it was without it. Seems pretty dura ble through a few cycles of rolling up for storage and extending for use.