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  • Ilovetoread - Caffeine and convenience!

    This is amazing! As a big fan of all things caffeine I ferlt that I HAD to try these. Guess what, they were great! I have been drinking caffeinated water for over 20 years and have even tried to make my own... which is how I know that these are quite good. Most powdered caffeine I have tried has been bitter and quite noticeable, this has a slightly sweet aftertaste but that is all. The price is much more reasonable than other caffeine enhanced products as is the ease of use. On a 1-10 I give these an 8...would be higher except for the aftertaste. Still love these and will be ordering more!

  • TML021411 - It's a marvel!

    Stress reduction while planning, who could possibly think it so! I love planning my week and getting in a little coloring time in the bargain.

  • ashley - I was worried that I wouldn't be able to drink it with water like it suggests and I was correct

    I found this product to be very helpful for losing weight! I have a lot more energy after a few weeks of taking it. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to drink it with water like it suggests and I was correct. The peppermint overwhelmed me and is so very strong but I found that dropping 5 drops into Doterra vegetable capsules was a far better way to swallow the oils. I am very pleased with my results!

  • The Turner - Chocolate Pain

    First off, let me start by saying that I used to pride myself on having a cast iron stomach. Keywords USED TO. These little monstrosities initially had no effect, and I was mildly disappointed in my purchase. If there is indeed a hell, that's what my entire digestive system went to a few hours after the fact.

  • ZAK Paneral - atenuation leaves alot to be desired

    The bridge on this model is of poor quality, atenuation is horrible. The game play and overall practice will work, however if you start moving on to amplifiers and live practice, you will never get this thing to tune right

  • jrice - So far, so good!

    Due to the high ratings I ordered this product and as usual with Amazon, received it quickly. I have been using it on my feet, following others advice of applying to the affected area for a couple of minutes before washing off. I have noticed a difference on my heel callous (softer) and the two big toes infected with fungus (looking healthier). I have had outbreaks on my back my entire life, nothing has totally worked, and feel this product is helping there also. I agree with everyone else that there has to be a better bottle dispenser cap or make the liquid thicker to avoid unnecessary waste. I like this so far and hope it keeps improving my problems.

  • pov15 - Nothing in a tube

    I have faithfully put "Idol lash" on as instructed both morning and evening for 4 weeks and can honestly say I see , "no change what so ever" to my lashes.