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  • W. J. S. - Much cheaper than Norton renewal and just as good

    I've been a Norton user for years and love it. However, when Norton wanted me to renew my 1 user/3 device subscription this year for $70, I decided to shop around. Lo and behold, for less than half I could get this 2013 version and add two devices! Even a Norton rep said that it's the same thing. So, I spent 3 minutes uninstalling my old version and installed this one. Never ever renew with Norton! When I complained to them about the price of renewal, they offered to drop it to $40, but still, why pay more than you have to???

  • R. Lee Barrett - More Longmire layers revealed for fans of the series...

    There are certain hallmarks to Craig Johnson's writing, including wit, humility, and easy-to-love characters, which have contributed to the rapid success, growth and popularity of the the "Longmire" franchise. Fans will be happy to see that all those hallmarks are on display in the latest installment of the series "An Obvious Fact." The introduction of "Lola", an inspiration across the board, is a bitter-sweet development in the larger story of Henry Standing Bear. Thanks to Lola, we see a few more layers of this deceptively complex character a he goes into a slow-burn through a good portion of the story. Johnson offsets this awkward reunion with Henry's apparent obsession with Sherlock Holmes. Few writers are truly laugh out loud funny, but Johnson is one of them, and in all the right ways. Johnson also finds a way to tap into some of the shadowy recesses of today's headlines. Between his dive into the world of the "outlaw" biker (and the not so outlaw biker), and the running joke of a militarized police force which comes in handy in an almost Clete Purcell kind of way, Johnson keeps the Longmire archetype in a just right straddle somewhere in between 1881 and the first day of FaceBook. One thing that is not deceptive here, "An Obvious Fact" is likely to please all the established readers, and even has something for the first time Longmire reader as well.

  • Brandon Stayner - Works Great

    I am not a big supplement person, but after noticing I felt really weak and tired after workouts, I knew I needed something to refuel my body and the usual glass of chocolate milk wasn't doing it. After finishing a brutal Crossfit workout that involved over 70 push presses at 115 lbs as well as several dozen 50 meter shuttle runs, I stumbled over to my shaker bottle and mixed the HALO with about 20 oz of water (they recommend 10, and while this makes it taste great, I found it hard to mix and digest with so little water) I immediately felt better. I didn't have massive food cravings or the usual soreness I have after workouts. I also get terrible exercise induced insomnia due to a lack of glycogen and this helped me sleep like a baby. Perhaps the best thing about HALO is the fact it has everything I need in one mixture, I don't have to mix BCAAs in one bottle, Casein protein in another, and dextrose in another. I am a bigger guy and find that MusclePharm Assault pre-workout, Muscletech Halo immediately after workout, and MusclePharm Arnold Series Iron Dream, right before bed, has allowed me the energy to not only work out several times a week but also allowed me to sleep like a baby.

  • Bruce Van Meter - Don't rush to order

    We bought new computers (Windows 7) and found out the QB2009 would need to be upgraded also. Fine. Not a huge deal. Sadly somethings never change. The initial install went bad but I lucked out with tech support and he made an exception to get it working again. Normally it would be a billable call. It worked for a couple of days and a different problem with QuickBooks and the installation/network cropped out. I fixed that. Two days go by and another problem crops up - settings are changing on their own. Worked around that. Then the send email settings stopped working. Then the software started asking clients to pay us electronically using Intuit. Add in the usual Intuit forced marketing nagging the user to buy more services from Intuit. Still can't backup the file until everyone is out... I'm not impressed. We use QB because we have to. I was hoping with 2011 things would change, but the software seems basically the same for our use and the service/support is worse than ever.

  • Steven L. Copeland - Love it

    Love being able to download it and start using it. Top notch antivirus protection. Would definitely buy again. Thanks. :)

  • aquarian - Great serum!!!

    I love that this serum has no artificial colors or perfumes that might cause allergic reactions. I do have sensitive skin and Im prone to break outs so far no allergy or breakouts has happen.

  • storknestmommy - Stinging and burning sensation on kids skin

    All of my kids used this soap and they were in tears and screaming within minutes of applying the soap. It was stinging their skin and left them red even after rinsing it off. The scent was great but the soap didn't work for our family.