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  • beaverstateguy - Excellent Quality Garden Hose

    My wife and I were getting fed up with our hose kinking everytime we used it and it was also difficult to roll up due to it wanting to keep it's original rolled up shape. I had seen the Flexogen 50 foot hose at a local nursery, but the price was $57.00!!! No way, Jose! I checked on good old Amazon and there it was for about half that price with free shipping. usually has what we are looking for at a great price and it seems most of the time, what we purchase, has free shipping. Anyway, this hose is of excellent quality without being heavy, has good end fittings, is supple to handle and rolls up easily without kinking at all. Maybe if I were to order this hose again I would select the 75 foot length. Overall, a VERY nice hose of fine quality. AMAZON prices are TOPS!!

  • CCMango - A Diversion from the REAL Issues

    "Russians are trying to rig the election by showing how the Clinton team is rigging the election!"

  • Nanote - Cannot Believe the Price!!!!

    I have been buying the Swarovski annual ornament for years; in fact 2013 was the tenth year. I have always gone into one of their stores for it and happily handed over the $75....don't know what made me think of checking on Amazon but I was amazed to find that it was deeply discounted. When it arrived, it was well packaged ensuring this fragile item would arrive intact. The same blue box and literature from Swarovski was there.

  • M. Maine - Glad I took time to read Amazon reviews

    I had read reviews on several different sites but knew I wanted to order from Amazon if it was available. (I do LOVE Amazon) After reading all the reviews on Amazon I will find another way to deal with my wrinkles. I'm never comfortable ordering from a company that insists on auto ship to order and then you can cancel later. I did do this with Sheer Cover but I knew someone who used Sheer Cover and after a lot of research found them to be a reliable company. To everyone who has written a review on Amazon for anything I want to say thank you. People really do read this stuff.