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  • Brian - Terrible customer service and product

    My Dad purchased this machine for me because my back problems that I have had over the years. When I received the unit I could immediately see how cheaply it was made, all plastic. If you used it much it wouldn't last long. I tried it for three weeks just to confirm my first impression. It did nothing to help my back problems that I couldn't do myself with just a little stretching. I called to get an authorization number to send it back and the service department was very nice. Offered to let me try it for another 30 days or give me $40 back, all trying to keep me from sending it back. I decided to send it back right away and was told that my Father would receive his purchase price back. Well, three and a half months later he has received nothing. I called and talked to three different programmed people who said they received it past the seven days I had to return it after given the authorization number. The third person, Jay Lincoln said that unless I could prove with a post office receipt that I sent it within the 7day time period that they would refund my money minus $39.95 restocking fee. I paid $30 to ship it here, $20 to ship it back, plus $39.95 restocking fee. My Dad and I have $90 into something that they know doesn't work. It is a scam for sure. Always remember that if it sounds too good to be true, then it is!

  • Mod MINI - Did not fix a large head crack a MINI Cooper S...

    Product did not seem to work on a MINI Cooper S supercharged with small coolant leak. It would hold during idle, but blow out the seal each time car is driven. I'm guessing it is not strong enough to work properly on forced induction applications which develop higher combustion chamber pressures.

  • GHWellsJr. - This book did not answer all my questions and I ...

    This book did not answer all my questions and I found that visiting a SS office was more important anyway. The people there already know the inside story and they want to help. They just won't make any decisions between your various options.

  • J. E. Poinier - Could be the best one yet

    As an IT consultant and also a small business set up person I have had the occasion to recommend accounting software numerous times. Fifteen years ago I was recommending Peachtree but for the last ten years or so it has been strictly QuickBooks. Most of my customers are either one or two employee businesses and I have found that QuickBooks Pro easily fills their needs. In the interest of full disclosure I have also Beta tested QuickBooks and other Intuit products for the last four or five years.

  • Dennis Hill - UPSET CONSUMER

    The unit I purchased did not work I went to a local audio store to have it install an paid out money for an install that didn't happen because the unit didn't work an now I'm out of cash for both the Unit an the installation. This is BS!