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  • Steven Alford - Peachtree at an excellent price

    If you do not need the latest features, buying this year's version rather than next years is an excellent value. In my opinion, it is hard to go wrong with this approach.

  • Haley Anderson - Bright light

    I really like the concept of this product. However, the red light is extremely bright and I felt like it kept my child awake. Maybe if your child is already used to sleeping with a night light in their room it would be fine.

  • Kat L - whoever wrote this stuff doesn't work has not really tried ...

    whoever wrote this stuff doesn't work has not really tried it! I was amazed--cleaned the tile grout of a conference room that was grimy and gray and did so immediately.

  • Lynn - Leaves dentist clean feeling & I love the UV sanitizing light & storage

    Love the dentist clean feeling. The toothbrush works awesome, I could tell a difference after the first use, it leaves my mouth feeling clean and smooth like I just left the dentist. I have only been using the brush for 3 days and I love the feeling of it. It works better than my phillips, I have had both spin brushes & ultrasonic brushes in the past & this works at least as good if not better. The UV sanitizing light in the back is what puts it over the top for me. I like that it keeps the brush clean & sanitary and I don't have to worry about sharing with my husband since the head of the brush can be changed. The UV chamber is removable and holds up to 4 tooth brushes. I use it for 2 toothbrushes & 2 water picks, because I can lol. The UV cleaning chamber has a cover to keep your toothbrush clean when not in use, and it has a limit switch (safety proximity switch) so that when it is opened it turns off and it also has a timer, it shuts off when the cleaning cycle is finished. As for the brush it has an internal rechargeable battery that charges right on the stand, no need to plug it in. The set comes with 13 brush heads so it should last my husband and I a long long time and refills are available. The brush has 3 setting levels, High, soft & massage for gums. When it is turned on it has a 2 minute cycle with a brief pause every 30 seconds as a reminder to switch quadrants. I have been using it a couple times a day and following with a water pick flosser and my mouth feels amazing.

  • Douglas Carlton - Security is fine but Outlook hangs up.

    The software seems to work better then the free Microsoft Security Essentuals however, it seems to hang up my Outlook 2010 at each download. I am unable to browse within the mail until it completes the download from my server. Until it speeds up, I would not recommend this product to my friend. I would like to see how it performs in an office environment.