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Acupuncturist, Chinese Medicine & Mindfulness Meditation | Madison - Medicine Grove specializes in Acupuncture Treatments, Chinese Medicine & Herbology, and Mindfulness Training & Zen Meditation in Madison Wisconsin.

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  • Oriental Medicine Services | Medicine Grove Madison - We provide Oriental Medicine services for a range of ailments including pain relief, stress & sleeping disorders affecting your health & vitality.
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  • Mathew Wagner | Zen Buddhism & Herbologist | Medicine Grove Madison - Mathew Wagner is a certified Practitioner in Zen Buddhism, Meditation & Chinese Medicine and has trained as a Zen Buddhist Monk & Herbologist.
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  • Acupuncture Treatment | Medicine Grove Madison - We provide Acupuncture Treatment for a range of ailments including pain relief, stress & sleeping disorders affecting your health & vitality.
  • Cupping Therapy | Medicine Grove Madison - We provide Cupping Therapy to treat back pain, muscle tightness & inflammation allowing new healthy blood to nourish & relax tight muscle tissue.
  • Tuina Massage | Medicine Grove Madison - We provide Tuina Massage which is intense & invigorating involving muscle/tendon plucking & rolling techniques for muscle pain & healthy blood flow.
  • Chinese Herbal Medicine | Medicine Grove Madison - We provide Chinese Herbal Medicine for a range of ailments including pain relief, stress & sleeping disorders affecting your health & vitality.
  • Mindfulness Training & Meditation | Medicine Grove Madison - We provide Mindfulness Training and Meditation to directly connect & experience a deeper, more authentic mind that is unaffected by the comings & goings of life.

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  • KatchKenda - How Incredibly Awesome!!

    What an amazingly hilarious read. Luvvie is so dope. This book is everything I wanted it to be and more. I love her ability to make us laugh as I as think. I could put it down. And I also the audio book which made her words come to life. This is a great read for anyone who judges people and that's all of us. Get into Luvvie.

  • Tracy - Worst Travel Magazine

    This is the worst travel magazine I have subscribed to. I subscribe to National Geographic Traveler, Travel + Leisure and Lonely Planet Traveller and they are all far superior to Conde Nast. About 60% of this magazine is filled with advertisements and many not having to do with travel. When you actually get to an article or some sort of travel information it is of no use unless you are independently wealthy. I am not a cheap traveler, but this magazine is ridiculous. Most of the information in this magazine is of no use to the average (or even the slightly above average) traveler. There are so many more magazines out there that actually give useful information and are interesting to read. Skip this one and don't waste your money.


    People misunderstand...this IS NOT A NAIL CLIPPER!!! It is listed as a trimmer!! The trick is to cut your nails to the desired length and then use this on a regular basis to keep your nails trimmed down. I am disabled and it works great!

  • Jules Bigelow - So much better for your child than a phone app!

    So much better investment for your child than the free apps on your phone. I had scoured all the free or low cost phone apps trying to find educational games for my son. Most of them require you to spend money when you get past the basic 1 or 2 levels. The phone apps don't "walk" you through the process. You have to keep instructing your child how to play each level of each game. The leapfrog games and apps verbally walk your child through all the instructions... talking to your child, explaining what is required for each step. It explains what you did wrong if you choose the wrong answer. It combines an education of a subject with game playing and if you "pass" that you get to play the game. We own approximately 30 games now and I can honestly say each $2-15 game/app that I bought has been totally worth it. My son has learned more about math and reading, science and geography, space and exploration, health and hygiene, recycling and the planet than any other device or game or movie that I have ever bought. If you want to be cheap and don't care about your child's education than stick to the free phone apps and hope that he doesn't see porn sites advertisement that has popped up on several occasions on those games. If you want your child to be fully engaged, learning and having genuine fun...get the pad. It is like having a tutor for your child for a lot less money. I whole heartedly recommend it.

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    Very good driver for those with a chronic slice. While it did not completely eliminate my slice, it did turn it into a fade. The club is easy to hit off the tee and the shaft feels about right through my swing. For the price, I recommend it for those trying to reduce the severity of their slice. I've been using a TaylorMade SLDR driver set to draw. This club is 1/3rd the price of the SLDR and is somewhat more effective at reducing my slice.