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  • E. J. Helzer - Hate the new system

    Old #Keurig died today(sad day for us) Costco was great and gladly refunded our money after a year and a half of use and said the New and improved Keurig 2.0 was for sale for the same price as the one we had so of course we went and got it!

  • E. Mitchell - Great book to supplement your other Nutrition research

    I bought this book based on a recommendation from a friend. I have been reading a number of books on nutrition in efforts to feel better. This book includes things that are being discussed in other books such as Ultra Metabolism. Avoid foods that can cause yeast growth, or other potentially allergic foods - wheat, dairy, sugar, yeast. While I liked the recipes in the book, and the overall concept of starchy vs. non-starchy foods and balancing them with proteins and grains. I was looking for that "master list" of foods that categorize them. This part was skimpy and placed throughout the book, making it difficult to find.

  • j523 - awesome

    My dad wanted this for father's day...him opening up the gift and his face was priceless ..asked him what he thought about the book ..he said "love it! Being updated on things is always good"

  • applejax - This is an awesome deal!!

    I read the reviews to this product and hesitated to buy it. I took the advice of other buyers and chose the free download of some Microsoft antivirus program. WHAT A WASTE! Not only did the other product warp my computer and jack up my usage outrageously, it changed my settings and allowed 80 updates to be downloaded at once. My computer ran for 6 hours! WASTE!!! Norton has always been my favorite, and I know now I should not have wasted my time trying something else. This is not as confusing as others say. Yes, you do get EXTRA days. You get a trial period before you have to choose it permanently. To me, that is awesome business practices NOT a confusing concept. When you choose to activate the product, simply go to your Amazon account to get the long code for the actual purchase. Yes the serial number in your email is incorrect. The one included is for your free trial. The actual serial number is safe here on Amazon under your electronics listings. Don't freak out like so many of these people seem to have done. I kept reading that this was only a trial. It isn't! It is the real antivirus at an amazingly awesome price you cannot beat! This is the tried and true real-deal. 360 may be nice for everything, but for regular use, this plain old antivirus seems to have served me well for over a decade. I am sorry I ever tried anything else. That was the mistake. Buying this dowload was beyond worth it!! Do I suggest you purchase this? YES!!!! This is truly a deal that you cannot find elsewhere. Awesome!!! LOVE IT!!!

  • James Williams, Ph.D. - Great Story and Great Acting

    Thorton was made for this role, and it brings out all his highly nuanced acting ability. In my view, he isn't sufficiently recognized, for he certainly is one of our better actors, and it shows in this drama. Unfortunately, the supporting cast isn't up to Thornton's level. Maria Bello, the ex-wife, goes through her lines like a robot, as does Molly Parker, but perhaps that's what the script and the director wanted, for there they are, two successful attorneys, working for a law firm with a psychopath at its head. Two actors do hold their own, however: Tonya Ramonde and Dwight Yokum, the latter having decided some years ago that he would embrace the persona of "the villain" and just won't let go. He's acting style is creepy, and he plays the part well. Their parts are small, but when they are onscreen they shine.

  • Christian Sandovall - A shame

    Currently I rate this game bad been following and think the game itself looks like it has great potential. Here is why I rate so low.