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  • What is iPitch? | Starting a Business | - iPitch is an online community which educates and connects Australian entrepreneurs to help them startup and grow their businesses.
  • Business Funding | Start up Business Funding | - Australian Business Funding… Business funding options when starting a business, start up business funding for seed stage, early stage and expansion stage start-ups. Raising capital for startups via angel investors, venture capital, startup incubators, government grants…
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  • Venture Capital | Venture Capital Firms | Raising Venture Capital | - Learn about raising Venture Capital in Australia and find Venture Capital firms. Venture Capital (VC) is financial capital invested into exceptionally high growth potential startup businesses.
  • Sweat Equity | What is Sweat Equity? | - Sweat Equity (also termed “stock for services”) refers to the equity an individual or service provider receives in a business as compensation for contributing to the business. It is commonly offered by startup businesses as ‘payment’ for services or resources and may substitute the need for business funding.
  • Self-Funding | Starting a Business | - Self-funding means that the founders put in the initial seed capital when starting a business. In the modern world of entrepreneurship, startup costs have reduced dramatically and it’s often very viable for founders to self-fund their businesses.

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    City: 151.1982 New South Wales, Australia

  • trx450r - great paint

    bought two cans of this to paint my atv frame and it did the job and then some, very pleased with the finish and protection it offered. i will be buying more of this

  • CraziKaty - Fake Yeti - BEWARE!!!!

    Fake Yeti!!!! Check the bottom of your Yeti. If the number is 0516282302, yours is a fake too. I can't confirm all the fakes have the exact same number, but I know this number is consistently a fake. As for the number on the bottom of a Yeti, Yeti customer service said it reveals the date of manufacture and the manufacturer location, maybe even the time (but I think that was a slip of the tongue on the rep's part). It can range anywhere from 8-10 numbers. My authentic one starts with 5115...(probably manufactured May 1, 2015).

  • Jared Walters - Surprisingly powerful

    Where were nerf guns like this when I was a kid. This tiny cheap gun shoots at amazing forces. I bought it to play with my dog so he can run after the darts, but I'm afraid to use it in case I hit him with it. Even ricocheting off a wall it hits hard.

  • Amelia - This is Shampoo

    The Deva Curl products so far are the only product I have found that I can CONTINUE to use. My daughter has long thick curly hair, I do too. She found these products in a curly hair book. We have been using ever since and both of our hair has been manageable since. I have gotten more compliments since I started to use this product. They do not leave a residue and clean well, which leaves your hair looking healthy and shiny. I tend to wait too long to cut my hair (I'm scissor shy due to too many BAD haircuts) I find that I don't get split ends nearly as soon as I did with other products.

  • Kristina S. - Thankfully the elastic is all the way around and good, so I could pull it all around and ...

    This is too large for Moses basket. Thankfully the elastic is all the way around and good, so I could pull it all around and under to make it fit. The sheet material is nice and thick.

  • Chris - Welcome to Next Gen

    Preface: I have owned both an Xbox and Xbox 360. I have also owned a PS1 and PS2 along with a GameCube and Wii. I grew up a Nintendo Kid, however over the last 2 generations Microsoft has really won me over. Currently I own a Wii U and Xbox One.