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  • Desert Equestrian: Equine Grooming Brush, Face Brush, Pony Brush! - Desert Equestrian Oval Body Brushes with premium white boar bristleare lightweight and aristocratic for all-over gentle, finish grooming.
  • Desert Equestrian, Partrade: Grooming Set, Saddle Bag, Tote Bag! - Desert Equestrian Grooming Set contains grooming tote, large body brush, large dandy brush, face brush, mane tail brush, hoof pick, sweat scraper & mane comb.
  • Equine Clippers, Pet Clippers: Andis, Oster, Wahl, Furzone! - Andis, Conair PRO, Oster, Wahl Clippers designed for increased power, reliable clipping and trimming with comfort grip for versatile angles and easy use.
  • Trimmers, Ceramic Blade Set: Andis, Wahl, Oster, Conair PRO, AgION! - Andis, Wahl, Oster, Conair Pro Trimmers keep horses comfortable, healthy, helps cool down faster, remove winter coat, and looks great for show purposes!
  • Conditioner, Detanglers: EZ All, Mane 'n Tail, EQyss, Farnam Vetrolin! - EQyss Conditioners condition rough, dry, brittle mane and tails, minimizes flyaways and smoothes hair cuticles leaving hair soft, shiny and tangle free.
  • Cribbing: Farnam, Halt Cribbing, Chew Stop, Bitter YUCK, Pas-A-Fier! - Carbolineum Halt Cribbing deter horses from chewing adjoining wood fences, is cheaper, and more humane than other restraint systems developed to discourage horse chewing!
  • 3M Vetrap Bandages, Gamgee Gauge, Equisport Bandage, Animalintex, Elastikon Tape, Guard-Tex Tape, Derma Cloth, Sealtex Latex Bandage, Leg Wraps, Polo Wraps! - 3M Bandages are flexible self-adherent wrap for the support and protection of all animals.
  • Horse Fly Mask SuperMask II, Dura Mask, UltraShield, Opti Force! - Farnam SuperMask II Horse Fly Mask keeps flies, dust, dirt, and harmful UV rays away from eyes.
  • AWST: Women's Cotton T-Shirt, Girl's Tee, Horses All Over Quilt Set, Horse Caps! - Horses All Over II Quilt Set is ideal for your horse lover's bedroom which includes a reversible Quilt and matching Pillow Shammade of super soft, 100% microfiber polyester.
  • Wildkin Sidekick, Macropak Backpack, Duffel Bag, Diaper Bag | AWST Camo Backpack - Wildkin Sidekick Backpack is designed with durable exterior, perfect for carrying and organizing books, binders, and supplies, or for an overnight adventure. And the roomy interior helps keep school work organized.
  • AAWST Intl: Hand Bags, Fringe Purse, Totes, Hobo Style Bag | Wildkin Messsenger Bag! - AWST Ladies Handbag is dependable handbag and designed with high quality, soft faux leather with Artist, Lila Blakeslee's embroidered horses and horse shoes.
  • Wildkin Lunch Box & Bag, Nap Mat, Sleeping Bag | AWST 6-Pack Cooler, Lunch Sacks! - Wildkin Lunch Box is durable, easy-to-clean, fabric lunch boxes with roomy, insulated interior, will ensure that lunch remains just the way it was packed. Inner tabs to secure water bottles and ice packs.
  • Desert Equestrian, Partrade: Grooming Set, Grooming Tote Bag! - Desert Equestrian Grooming Set contains nylon deluxe grooming tote, large body brush, large dandy brush, face brush, mane tail brush, hoof pick, sweat scraper & mane comb.
  • Wildkin Luggable | AWST iPad Case, Cell Phone Case, Stainless Steel Water Bottles! - AWST stylish and practical iPad Case safeguards your iPad when you travel and functions as a protective carrying case.
  • AWST International, CCI Brands Chippendale: Rhodium Necklaces, Sterling Silver Bangles, Rhinestone Earrings! - AWST offers stylish and elegant Necklaces, Bracelets, Bangles, Earrings for the Horse Enthusiasts.
  • CCI Brands Chippendale, AWST: Equestrian Jewelry Sterling Silver Rhodium Pendants, Bracelets, Bangles, Earrings! - CCI Chippendale Equestrian Jewelry offers high quality Sterling Silver, Rhodium Pendants, Necklaces, Bracelets Earrings!
  • Equine Ladies Watches: AWST International, Western Watches! - Designer Wrist Watches with Quartz Movement, Stainless Steel Case and Crocodile Grain Leather Bands for style and elegance.
  • Whimsical Watches: Novelty Watches, Equine Men's Collection Watches! - Whimsical Watches are designed with 3D hand-painted miniatures, matching Italian leather bands, quartz movement, and long-lasting battery; perfect for special occasion, birthday gifts, holiday gifts or just letting someone know you love.
  • Tempi Watchworks Ltd, AWST International: Childrens Sports Watches, Equine Kids Watches! - Tempi Watches offers Childrens Watches with Gold-Tone case and Leather Strap. Featuring 3D Dial Collection & Sports Watches for the Horse Lovers.
  • WatchBuddy Timepieces: Equine Wall Clocks, Novelty Clocks! - WatchBuddy Wall Clocks are designed with elegance and practicality, they are a brilliant home wall decor accent. They bring character and enjoyment to any room with precision quartz movement.
  • WatchBuddy Watches: Equine Ladies Watches, Mens Watches, Novelty Watches! - WatchBuddy Wrist Watches are designed with Chrome-Plated Metal Alloy Watch Case, silver-tone Metal Mesh Watchband, Japanese Quartz Movement, Analog display and comes in beautiful Velvet gift box.

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  • AWOL - Used on the go!

    We bought this a a gift for our niece that just graduated as a nurse. She found it extremely helpful. The online option for the smart phone allows her to use it on the go when she is not home.

  • Erik G. Nyquist - I Really, Really Want to Love This Game.

    It was supposed to change the way games are played, it was supposed to be ground breaking. It had been dubbed "Sim-Everything"

  • wilmingtonkat - Love that I could buy a sample to evaluate

    LIke a number of a other reviewers I had read that the product was of good quality. My question was how difficult would it be to install. After playing around with the sample I came up with a game plan that I wouldn't have been comfortable doing with full sized pieces. Basically you end up bending the sample piece by accident until you figure out how it goes in best. After evaluating I ended up ordering the full package.

  • wendyinok - Relief

    I tried Amberen to see if it would help with my sporadic sleeping patterns (waking up in the middle of the night or waking up every other hour) that were getting worse as my perimenopause progressed. Relief! My sleeping pattern has returned to normal now and I have been taking the Amberen for about 6 weeks now. I don't know how to say it without sounding like an infomercial but I would recommend this product to any woman who is in perimenopause and has a broken sleep pattern.

  • kittenmittens - Absolute Must Have

    Look everybody knows what goes on behind closed doors, but they don't need to smell it. This has passed with flying colors of everyone I know that has put it to the test. I have no problems putting this on display in my bathroom because its far more polite to have this available than a lingering stench that smells like something died. I highly recommend this for all your bathroom needs. It even comes in petite sizes so you can throw it in your purse like the nice British girl in the commercials. Sorry, fellas. Maybe a nice fanny pack? The one thing I will say though is that some scents seem to be stronger than others. I have tried Juniper Woods, Heavy Doody, Royal Flush and Vanilla Mint. All of them smell lovely and refreshing but thus far Vanilla Mint is my favorite. It starts with a nice light vanilla scent and finishes with a lemony mint. So far it's been the best at covering any smell as well. You can walk into the bathroom immediately after will no ill effects unless you hate vanilla/mint. With the other three they did the same but only failed slightly when it came to the worst of the worst that you could put out. Those three smelled great but there was the faintest whiff of something rotten in Denmark. Mind you they all work fantastic on your regular drop-offs but I have a dad with a cast iron stomach that will eat *anything* and the Vanilla Mint has fended him off more than once. If you're looking for something that will cover most situations then really any of the scents will do but for serious business go with the Vanilla Mint or something like it. I haven't tried every scent to give all my favorites but eventually I will and I have no doubts I'll be pleased with all. Do yourself and everyone around you the favor of getting it. You won't be disappointed.

  • hairball - Worth the money!

    This system is amazing. I needed more range, and it certainly provided. Detached garage approximately 80 feet from router with three walls(including a brick wall) between base and satellite. Unit is blue meaning great signal, and my reception is full bars another 100 feet beyond 1500 sqft building, Reception 200 feet from router is eight times as strong as my previous TP Link Archer C-7.that didn't even reach that distance according to wifi meter I purchased.

  • mikeykan - This can and should work

    Much like most of the people who have used this product, I too indulge in herbs. Unfortunately, society and companies seem to frown upon the fact that I like to toke up outside of work. My business on my time, why should anyone else worry? Anyway, Stinger works...for me, it has worked....twice. I am 2 for 2 on my drug tests (urinalysis). I have been fortunate enough to have had time to prepare for my tests, and as of this day, I would swear by this for passing drug tests. Extra precaution is never a bad thing. Drink a lot of water. Drink Cranberry juice. Take Niacin if you so desire. My extra precaution, however, was only not indulging in mary for 72hrs.