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  • Lloyd Calihan - donot purchase from supplier

    the item never arrived they kept telling me it was enroute and it did not have tracking number which was lame excuse they then gave me numbers to download it and they were not correct conclusion this was bogus

  • big family - Works great to prevent stomach flu!

    I haven't been a big believer in essential oils until staying at a friend's house...a couple of our children got the stomach flu, my friend immediately gave the rest of us (7 people) Thieves oil in water. She put some in water on the stove top, sprayed some around in a bottle of water/thieves...and no more of us got sick!! Since then we were at another friends house and some of their children got sick, we started using Thieves like it was going out of style, none of us that used it got sick! So I think I dare say this works great!

  • Ebba - worst hair removal system

    I am not the person who write review but I think this crappy device need review. I've been using this device from 3 months and yes there was reduction of hair BUT a lot of burns although I am using it on low energy level (maximum 3 out of 5). I've been using other hair removal systems before but I didn't experience such burns on low energy level. I would avoid using it and throwing it in the garbage.

  • Jason - Great to keep from distracted driving

    My dogs love car rides and for the most part they do great but occasionally they get a little hyper and that's where these seatbelt leashes as I call them come in handy. When they are hyper and trying to climb up front or over people it can be distracting especially if it's the driver. So I simply click these into the seatbelt and attach them to there collars and the only people they can bother is themselves. Kinda like riding with kids. I really like how you can adjust the length so they don't feel to restricted but can still be shortened if need be.

  • maui demigod - Fantastic product! It replaces my regular dental floss 99% ...

    Fantastic product! It replaces my regular dental floss 99% of the time. So far, I had to use a floss after eating some oranges. I, of course, used regular dental to floss to confirm immaculate cleanliness between my teeth, and there was no smell nor residue on the floss. For the price and dental effectiveness, I highly recommend this product.

  • Werking reviews - Shame on you Nero

    Received package as new sealed and all opened package disc was sliding all around not in sleeve looked at disk was all scratched up. Tried in my of but scratches were to severe. Then I thought I will download it All I need is the serial found the envelope but no serial was on it searched the box since it appeared to have fallen off no luck don't buy Beria packaging ruined a product for me

  • Amazon Customer - Keyasia and Wale

    This was a great lengthy book. Story line was great. Now this I don't mind paying 10 dollars for. This the books I'm use to by this author. I like Jazel and Craven short story line. Hopefully there up next. I like how all of her previous books links together. Great job!!!