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  • Rosemary Flynn - Fancy box but . . .

    This stuff comes in a satin lined magnetic box that I don't care about and I wonder how much I paid for the box. I tried it on half my face. I couldn't get it to peel off and had to wash it off. I'm not impressed yet but will continue to try it.

  • Nicholas Ibanez - I love it!

    Ever since I started drinking Beyond Tangy Tangerine I've noticed a lot of changes. 1) You will definitely get energy and the best of all it's a clean energy, not at all like you get from drinking coffee or soda energy drinks/5 hour energy. 2) I've also noticed a big change in my digestion. I used to have an upset stomach almost after eating anything and since taking this I don't have that problem anymore. This was a result that was unexpected. I attribute it to me having some sort of nutrient/mineral deficiency that was causing the problem and solved by taking this.

  • AENibbs - when I run out, I am ordering more

    Have owned this product for over a year and I can honestly say it is in my top ten Amazon purchases. I use this in the kitchen (countertops, pots and pans, grills, and other surfaces) and bathroom (tub, fixtures, even toilet!) and it works very well. Minimal elbow grease required if you spray it and wipe the surface 5-10 min later. There is also no smell, which is important to me as an asthma and allergy sufferer. Everyone should have a bottle of this in their home!

  • jreed1234 - Great product, can make you a little jittery at the beginning of the cycle

    I have used Cellucor Super HD on a few different occasions. I follow the recommended dosage and have seen great results each time i've used it. I did notice that sometimes at the beginning of the cycle I get a little jittery. But it usually only last for the few few doses.

  • John Short - This is good stuff

    A little pricey, but I could not find this stuff anywhere else except on line, so I expected to pay more. Over all a good transaction. I love the product. It is clear and light and odorless. Perfect for anything that needs lube but not messy.

  • ktur - Great fit. Weak mesh

    It looks amazing. And fits great. The only down side is the mesh grill is not very sturdy. First large moth to hit it cracked the mesh.

  • pen name - Good Read!

    This book is definitely a great introduction to the stock market. Even though the market is (and should be) intimidating to a lot of people, this book explains the basics of investing and gives the reader several plans for basic and advanced investment strategies.