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FCA – Livros de Informática/TI para todos os utilizadores - FCA - A FCA – Editora de Informática apresenta a mais completa biblioteca de Tecnologias de Informação em português, com cerca de 300 títulos para todos os níveis

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  • Madison G - A little advice from a nutrition professional

    As someone who has a degree in nutrition, I must say that this isn't the most nutritionally sound program. However, I am a user of the product. Did I choose to do Isagenix because of its nutritional quality? No. (Although, the shakes have a lot of vitamins in them and if you eat properly during your regular meals, you can fulfill any missing nutrients). I chose to do Isagenix because I had gained back some weight I had previously lost. This program doesn't require you to stay an Isagenix user, but it does require you to change your lifestyle. It's great to help kick off a weight loss plan, but you can't go back to eating terribly again afterward if you want the weight loss to be maintained. (HELLO, does anyone actually think eating a dessert every night, not exercising, and never eating vegetables is going to keep you on a maintenance level??) It is proven that meal replacement therapy is the best, most effective way to lose weight and keep it off. Why do you think Slimfast is still in business?

  • Math 27 - Five Man Army

    I bought "Blue Line" album after listening to Massive's 1998 release "Mezzanine" and was not impressed at first. I read that it was an essential album that influenced to whole trip hop genre (though critics and trip hoppers also site Smith & Mighty as the first) and that it was a classic. The two albums are quite far apart in style and tone. Mezzanine being, dark, edgy and heavy, Blue Lines more easy, neutral and urban.

  • Ayjude - Hard time to install with XP

    McAfee has been my security choice for years. However last year (2013) and now this year it has been difficult to install on my system running XP. Actually caused a crash. Tells me I need updates that I can't get and takes a long time to do this. Ended up putting the free Windows Essentials on two systems. I will try the McAfee on the third, but fell I'l have the same results.

  • Keith Rawlings - Great, Great Book for the Married Guy!

    I really enjoyed this book. All of the author's tips work - I have started my MAP and am already realizing the benefits of it. His whole point about fixing "us" instead of fixing the wife is really the first step to having a better marriage with more sex.

  • Desiree - Ryen the witch.....or the redeemed.

    I really loved this story. I was in love with Mischa immediately. His story was so heartbreaking. Through the entire book we just kept getting more of his story and it just kept getting worse. The last bomb that was dropped was the most heart wrenching chapter I have ever read from Penelope Douglas. It was so well written I cried for him. Meeting Ryen was hard. I hated her as much as Mischa and I was afraid there was no way it would be turned around. I mean especially with how she treated Manny. I couldn't believe the letter we read immediately as the book begins was written by such a nasty person. I was as conflicted as Mischa over her, and just as disappointed. As the story unfolds and truths are revealed. I felt for her over the deception. In the end I really loved the choices she made and how she reacted to a certain scene. I don't want to go into detail because you really need to read it to feel it. I also couldn't help but love the little sneak of Will, Michael and Kai and the connection there. The epilogue was perfect! IT was really interesting to read a book where the female character was the one that really needed to re-evaluate themselves. LOVED IT!

  • GP Alaska - Urine Off is amazing! You won't believe how good this works until you try it!

    This stuff is amazing! We have a boy cat who marks, even though he was neutered at 6 months. We have used this spray on fabric, wood and even effectively on plastic. It doesn't harm the upholstery or wooden furniture or paneling and it smells fantastic. After using it there is absolutely no residual odor of urine and the treated area smells fresh and clean. What is more surprising is that it also completely removes the urine stains on any surface. We were going to throw out our older litter pans because a good scrub with hot, soapy water and bleach was not enough to get rid of the odor of urine or the dark stains. Urine Off got rid of the smell AND the stains embedded in the plastic! No need to buy new ones! I love this stuff! I found that they also make it for dog urine and I'm going to get some because I have a 17 year old daschund who has begun having accidents. It's nice to know that this stuff works!