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  • R. Austin - This brush is AMAZING!

    Ok, I bought this upon reading the reviews. I was looking for a brush that did not streak and was currently using the ELF Ultimate Kubuki brush. I don't like the beauty blenders at all. When this arrived, it was larger than I expected and almost round. I gave it a go and this is a great brush!

  • Michelle - Do yourself a favor, stock up on this NOW!

    Flexible! Sturdy! Able to withstand the strain I put it through! It is covered in a very flexible nylon, making it nearly impossible to rip open and expose the wires. I have had all authentic name brand lightning cables in the past. Essentially making one company laugh all the way to the bank. I will be a forever customer of SuperFly from now on. Hands down 200% better than buying expensive charging cables that are made to break so you are having to replace it, over and again. I received this product at a discount for a fair and unbiased review. 

  • Hazwaste - A Must-Have When Touring Italy

    As an Italy-newbie I read Rick Steves' Italy front to back before going on an 8 day tour of Italy. It equipped me well to deal with just about every aspect of Italian tourism. The most useful feature to me was his discussion on public transportation in Rome and Venice. Wow, I don't know what we would have done without this knowledge when we arrived!

  • P. KEEFE - Bible pontificating

    If you want a movie that is trying to preach the "Word of God", then enjoy. If you're a fan of Bill Maher, avoid both of these titles at all costs. Boxes and titles make them sound like action packed films similar to "Deep Impact". What you get is many many many speeches about God and the end of times. What is really annoying is the attempt to convert people by tricking them into buying one type of movie and then giving them this. They were both produced by "Faith Films". Now I know why the two pack was so cheap for blu ray. Because they are very boring. I actually have nothing against God or people who believe in God, but I do have something against people who try to ram their beliefs down your throat. I wouldn't watch these two movies again if you paid me (unless it was a lot). What a shame I had to give it any stars at all.