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  • Toodles Notes - Great backpack!

    Great backpack with lots of compartments and pockets for carrying books, snack, lunch box, and even cell phone. Two of my girls have this elementary and one middle school....great for both. Especially middle school where she has no locker to keep items but needs to carry everything all day long. Love it! And of course she's happy too!

  • Marianne - Listen to your mother and save your money!

    I have been curious about this product, you know these infomercials are so convincing, oh and look how much better one melon looks than the other because of the ingredients! I have given up on all of these products that just don't deliver and I'm now 59 years old. Nothing will lift your face except surgery. I started using Vitamin C powder mixed with a little Neutrogena water gel (with hyaluronic acid), smooth that over my face and neck every morning and I swear I have never looked better. I'm on my 3rd jar of the water gel. The Vit C powder is Philosophy brand and lasts a really long time; still on my first bottle. I have always been oily but this combo keeps it at bay. There is a water cream too, but it's the GEL you want if you're prone to being oily, the cream if your skin is drier. Anyway, just had to throw in my two cents.

  • flowersak - Love love love

    I love everything about this product from the gentle rose fragrance to the wonders it does for my face from the youthful glow and the softness it leaves my skin, I can go natural and smile about it.

  • Ceersucker - He names names in the lyrics

    If you listen to the lyrics carefully especially in Go 4 It he practically tells you who the Hollywood pedophiles are. It's a very Hamlet way of doing it. It took him ten years to make this because writing confessions in code is difficult and time consuming.

  • Jacob Beaujean - Be careful on installation

    Great product, like other reviews stated the instructions suck. Follow other reviews on how to install it and you will be fine. Make sure to put the bars on like how an airplane wing looks like. If you do that then no noise if you install them the wrong way they will be noisey at 30 MPH plus. They look amazing and hold up well. I can't wait to use them.

  • Tammy Sincavage - Excellent Product!

    I have used this in the past & liked it. It worked very well & I like that it is natural. I just started using it again; I'm happy I found it for a good price! This cream works! I highly recommend it.