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Country:, Europe, NL

City: 4.8995 , Netherlands

  • keith504 - Did they really give away 30 of these bags to get a 5 star rating ONLY from those particular "customers"..?

    What is with the multitude of reviews with disclosures for testing a free item..? So basically this 5 star rated item was paid to have 5 stars.

  • Paul Kern - Descent but...

    This is a descent case but not great. The plastic case did start cracking just a short time after I had it. It does have a good snug fit. Warning-You can't plug the iPhone 4s to iPhone 5 converter adapter in with the case on. The hole in the case is too small.

  • WashingtonApple - The latches and size adjustments are very easy to use

    We have only had it for a week, but my daughter looks so comfy riding in this. Installation was a breeze. The latches and size adjustments are very easy to use. The color is awesome! It's like she's riding in her own stylish recliner. I love that it is able to rear face up to 40lbs. Fits nicely in my 2012 Nissan altima.

  • Educated consumer - Perfect for relieving arthritis pain

    This product is a miracle , it relieves back pain , knee pain and other arthritis pain. I don't know why I couldn't find it in the pharmacies any more . It's a wonderful product.The order was received in a timely manner, too.

  • G Messer - 5 stars

    Excellent quality. I am very pleased with this product. It comes exactly as described. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone.

  • Dmitriy Dvoryanchuk - Excellent product, packaging, and application accessories.

    The product was extremely well-packaged. Instructions were clear and everything needed was in the box. As the instructions say: cleaning your screen prior is THE most essential step. I was applying this on a brand-new Shield right out of the box, and after taking off the factory protective film, I could still see dust particles on it. Skipping the alcohol solution, I went straight for the sticky dust removal tape, and then immediately applied the glass screen protector using the included suction cup. Lining this up right from the start was also key to success.