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Cooper Drug Store Pharmacy Augusta Kansas | Cooper Drug Store - Cooper Drug Store is the only pharmacy in Kansas to offer you the Med Manager medication adherence system.

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  • Cooper Drug Store SyncRx Program | Cooper Drug Store - With SyncRx, your maintenance medications will be filled on the given day of the month.
  • MED Manager Medication Adherence Compliance Program | Cooper Drug Store - MED Manager organizes your medications into pre-sorted packets for medication compliance.
  • Medicine Flavoring Station | Cooper Drug Store - We can flavor your child's medication so there's less fuss when taking it! Call (316) 775-2289
  • Medication Disposal Location | Cooper Drug Store - If you have old or unused medications, drop them by Cooper Drug Store for disposal.
  • MED Manager For Patients Medication Strip Packaging | Cooper Drug Store - MED Manager transfers your prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, and vitamins and places them in medication strip packaging.
  • MED Manager for Caregivers Medication Strip Packaging | Cooper Drug Store - Our MED Manager team of pharmacists will put your medications into medication strip packaging.
  • MED Manager for Physicians Medication Compliance | Cooper Drug Store - MED Manager organizes patient medications into pre-sorted packets for medication compliance.
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  • Golden Plains Pharmacy Augusta KS | Cooper Drug Store - Golden Plains Pharmacy Services is a long-term care division of Cooper Drug Store.

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  • M. Murphy - Rate the NR not the CR

    First: the Navien NR-series tankless has only been in service since Oct 2009, so the 2yr+ ownership reviews were done on the CR-series. The CR-series did have issues which were addressed in warranty fixes and massively updated on the NR-series. Second: do your research. I replaced my 17yr old A.O. Smith gas tank with the Navien NR-240A. The NR met my criteria of long warranty, EF, min GPM (zero). It didn't hurt either that I was getting the governments credit either, so I went to to do a lot of research heavy lifting. The "A" model included a small buffer tank (to eliminate the "cold sandwich") and a built in circulation pump. Make sure your plumber (or if you DYI) installs recirculation T's at the longest runs (in my case, master bathroom). Combinded with the built-in circulation pump, this will also eliminate the time it takes to get hot water to your facet (example: from 60sec to 5sec). Do not go with marketing fluff from other manufacturers (such as "market leader", "brand leader", etc...), go with what you need and what your criteria is (EF, GPM, warranty).

  • Stani Dobrikov - Bad Software!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good Scanner with bad software! You can not adjust the image. It is preset to 300 dpi.When you scan it comes with gray background.When you save the document it takes 30 times more space that if you scan with PaperPort.When you scan more than one pages together it does not combine them.You have to do that manually. The export of the docs is very,very slow!It is not compatible with PaperPort!Very nice and cool design but that is the worst scanning software.

  • sunshine - Sunshine

    This is an amazing transition stroller from my travel system. It is very well made. My daughter looks comfortable in it, it is compact, but yet she has a lot of room. I wasn't sure about the color ibisco from the pictures online, I thought it looked like a bright cherry, but it's actually more of a cranberry color, very nice with the beige accent. It folds nicely and isn't awkward to handle. It folds with the parent cup holder and the bumper bar in place, which is a nice feature because some don't. The basket has been the only one yet to fit my bag. The handles are comfortable. I have used this on grass, hills, grass/with sand and it's worked great. I am very pleased with this. I did a lot of research and tried other stollers. I was considering the uppababy, and the maclaren, they don't even compare. The uppababy seems like it will fall apart easily and all the ones that I have seen the seat cushion wear out way too soon. The maclaren, I don't know why it's rated so high, doesn't even recline or have half the features this one has, although it is comparably sturdy. If you are comparing between any of these i would recommend the trip, it is also an inch or so smaller in width, and thats not in the seat part, it's in the wheel part, in which a half of inch makes the biggest difference when trying to get into stores, it fits everywhere. I can't believe the room that my trunk has with this in it. As an added feature, the wheels are removable for better storage if needed. Great stroller, worth the money!

  • Amazon Customer - not that great

    This should have been promoted as a stand alone ghostbusters movie. the only similarity between the orig and this one is the cameo's by orig cast (Murray as de-bunker, Akroyd as taxi driver, and the other guy as the Uncle in the last scene). It was funny on its own, and best watched if you've never seen a GB movie.

  • Carolyn Kelly - Best beauty serum out there

    I love how this makes my face feel so smooth without feeling greasy. I am prone to acne. The Wexler products have actually helped keep it under control!

  • Nancy McMurtry - These masks work better than the cheaper masks I've used

    These masks work better than the cheaper masks I've used. There are other pearl masks out there but this one seems to be higher quality and just a overall all-inclusive product. The packets are typical size, but contain enough pearl essense to use the mask twice if needed. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for specifically the PEARL mask. It has a good amount of the actual pearl concentrate powder.