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  • Laurence K - I Don't Know If They Reduce Pain But They Atleast Stay In Place

    I apply patches to my lower back and these Salonpas patches seem to "stick" (stay in place) better than the Salonpas patches which I purchases at the store/pharmacies. The percentages of the active ingredients also differ (5.7% Menthol & 6.3% Methyl S. vs. 3% Menthol & 10% Methyl S., respectively). Whether the patches reduce MY pain I have no idea because I simultaneously flood my body with pain pills too. Actually, only God can reduce or take pain away, but I/we all try anything because we're desperate to get help.

  • Katy J. Mays - Works Great

    Nice compact design, much better than the oem fishing pole. Like some others have said, normal radio stations if based far from your location have issues but if your listening to XM signal is flawless. Glad i purchased!

  • Asdoc - First Aid Needs a Second Aid

    This new 2011 edition is problematic - it apparently covers both sections of USMLE Step 1 (i.e. General Principles and Organ Systems), but the General Principles section is deprived of both essential information and the benefits the other book of First Aid has: First Aid For The Basic Sciences, General Principles. This book, dedicated solely to the General Principles, is colorful, abundant with unmatched tables, diagrams, mnemonics, figures and elaborate yet concise and focused text, which all render the General Principles Section of the USMLE Step 1 2011 unuseful, as one has to repeatedly refer to the separate book of the General Principles. Nonetheless, the Organ System Section meets our expectations as examinees. It follows that both books need to be purchased to obtain full coverage of the exam material, while half of the USMLE Step 1 2011 book is merely not used, yet being paid for.

  • Snafooo - Color me amazed!

    I was skeptical about this. Very skeptical. In the 60s, I used to iron my hair. Yeah, that's right. Ironing board, iron, pressing cloth and a brush every morning before going to school. What a hassle. This works on the same principle of direct heat, and that's why I thought I'd give it a go. It works! My frizzy, wavy, curly, gray hair is now sleek and shiny. Now I don't have to put it in a granny bun all the time; I can actually wear it long. Yay!!! It is important to section your hair. And don't just do the top layer. Make sure you get that bottom layer of hair, too. No more frizz!

  • Paul - The best daily carry, pocket-sized flashlight just got better, although it grew a little bit also...

    I had carried a gen 2 PD32 flashlight for more than a year before I learned about the new PD32 UE, so I had to order the UE version as soon as I found out about it.