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  • David A. - Great small stroller.

    I got this stroller because I wanted something fairly lightweight and compact, yet able to maneuver easily and handle some rougher terrain (really bumpy sidewalks, for example which are impossible with an umbrella stroller). This is a great, simple, functional stroller. My only complaint is that I wish the handle was an inch or two taller. More color choices would be nice as well.

  • Christine Carson - Great Review Materials

    These books offer a great review for the CPA exam and I would recommend them to other people to use.

  • Frank P Malone - ... 5 chapters will make things soooooo clear it is AMAZING! You will not be able to put it ...

    If you want to COMPLETELY understand what & why things are happening in our Country today this book within the 1st 5 chapters will make things soooooo clear it is AMAZING! You will not be able to put it down. God Bless the Republic

  • AverageGuyShopper - Very solid, detailed build. Roller skate derby anyone?

    At full retail price, this is actually "good deal" for a SW branded set from LEGO, as usually only the very large sets command a <$0.10/piece pricing. On sale, the pricing just gets better.


    I am a bit hesitant to make a protein shake with just water. Most of them say you can use water, but mention milk, soy, etc. But this said blend with water, so I added some water and three ice cubes and blended in my blender for about 20 seconds. Usually I would add fruit, cinnamon, something, but I wanted to try this just "straight" at first. I liked it! It didn't taste watery, it wasn't gritty, it was smooth and reminded me a bit of cake batter, in a good way! To really make more of a meal, I would likely add some fruit, maybe even a dollop of peanut butter, but with nothing added, it still tasted fine.

  • Lamont A. Turner - Was sent the wrong color...

    I order this pair of shoes in black, but I was sent the grey pair. I specifically order the black because I want a cleaner look with the white trim around the sole and a shiner black shoe. Instead, I get the grey(that looks dinghy and worn with a light beige trim. However, the make of the shoe is very nice. It doesn't really look like a $25.00 pair of shoes.