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Implantcenter Dentistry, Hungary - Dental implants in Budapest - Welcome to the website of Implantcenter Dentistry, one of the most up-to-date oral surgery and dentistry abroad in Budapest, Hungary. Award winning dental clinic in Hungary!

  • Dental implants - Implantcenter Dentistry & Oral Surgery - Information about dental implants, benefits of implants, materials of implants, the process of implantation and risks of implantation.
  • X-Rays - Implantcenter Dentistry & Oral Surgery - X-rays, panoramic x-rays, advantages of X-rays, digital X-ray az Implantcenter Budapest, Hungary
  • Prosthesis - Implantcenter Dentistry & Oral Surgery - Read about prosthesis. Importance, materials of prosthesis at Implantcenter Budapest, Hungary.
  • Extraction - Implantcenter Dentistry & Oral Surgery - A dental extraction is the removal of a tooth from the mouth. Read details about dental extraction at Implantcenter Budapest.
  • Bone grafting & Sinus lifting - Implantcenter Dentistry & Oral Surgery - Read about sinuslifting. When do someone needs bone grafting? Cause of bone loss, bio-oss, sinus elevation.
  • Dentists, Oral surgeons, ENT - Implantcenter Dentistry & Oral Surgery - Dentists of Implantcenter Dentistry, oral surgeons, receptionists. Photos and CVs.
  • Dental assistants - Implantcenter Dentistry & Oral Surgery - Dental assistants of Implantcenter Dentistry, dental assistant photos and CVs.
  • Photo gallery - Implantcenter Dentistry & Oral Surgery - View photos about Implantcenter Dentistry and Oral Surgery. Pictures about waiting room, treatment rooms and operating rooms.
  • Price list - Implantcenter Dentistry & Oral Surgery - Take a look at our prices. Implantcenter Dentistry and Oral Surgery Budapest, Hungary. Dentistry abroad.

    Country:, Europe, HU

    City: 19.0514 , Hungary

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