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Acesso - O blog da democratização cultural - O blog Acesso é um blog sobre democratização cultural que procura estimular a reflexão e a prática acerca das melhores condições de fruição cultural por todos os brasileiros, especialmente os jovens. O blog acompanha e reflete sobre democratização cultural (em toda sua interdisciplinaridade); mapeia e registra projetos e boas práticas; veicula informações sobre editais, prêmios e cursos. Por meio de notícias, artigos, entrevistas e promoções dá voz a artistas, produtores culturais, gestores públicos, acadêmicos, empresas patrocinadoras e ao público em geral. É um veículo independente mantido pelo Programa de Cultura do Instituto Votorantim. Surge como uma evolução do “Boletim da Democratização Cultural”, informativo online que circulou entre 2007 e 2009 para uma base de leitores interessados no tema.

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City: -43.2192 , Brazil

  • Iowadad - This thing has added useless features of a lit planchette and glowing

    Haven't seen a Ouija board since I was a kid and now my kids were excited to try one. This thing has added useless features of a lit planchette and glowing, "hidden" messages on the board because, apparently the fun of Ouija is about technological tricks. That's what's going to intrigue my 21st century ipod playing kids? They wanted to see how the thing can move on it's own and get spooked out. But this stupid thing has a rough board and a pointer that doesn't slide easily on it and so basically isn't a Ouija board at all. The original trick to this is completely lost. Just hate when companies do stuff like this and it's ridiculous that this gets as many stars as it does here. Please don't buy this thing.

  • Daniel J James - Smells bad, works good

    This stuff smells pretty awful when you are using it, but it works pretty well. I know different people have different skin types, so you have to be careful and test an area to make sure you don't have a bad reaction before using it on larger scale.

  • Terrance Robinson - Extremely disappointed

    I have never been a big fan of Microsoft products. They are invariable more complex than necessary and less productive that they could be. But my upgrade from Visual Studio 2008 to 2012 has lowered my opinion further.

  • Larry Frantz - After properly setting up an individual Microsoft account under my ...

    After properly setting up an individual Microsoft account under my name and for the specific computer that I wanted to download the software from the Microsoft site identified on the key card, I downloaded the software using the key code. But, after it installed it demanded that I validate the software with Microsoft by re-entering the key card code. It refused to accept the key card code as valid. I had to get Microsoft technical support to fix the problem, which they admitted was their fault. Also, even after fixing the validation problem so that Microsoft recognized the software as valid in my Microsoft account for that specific computer, the software malfunctioned and had to be fixed by other Microsoft technicians. This process took hours. Conclusion: Buying the Microsoft key card thru Amazon to save about $20 was not worth the aggrevation. When I bought the same software from Microsoft official WEBsite store directly for a different computer, I had absolutely no problem downloading it from Microsoft, installing it, and using it immediately.

  • Eman - Ok but has issues.

    I have this program on 2 machines. Shared , I run windows xp 32 bit on both machines. The program seems to work as intended. It does have a problem with Outlook Sync as it does not auto attach as it should some emails and I have to attach them manualy.

  • R. Martini - I just used this... please be careful!

    There is no doubt, that this will remove any and all rust stains you may have on toilets, sinks, showers, etc.

  • G. Saputra - Great songs for a fantastic price!

    The price just couldn't be matched and I had to get it. The kids totally love dancing to the music in here like: what does the fox say? Or let it go. This would have been okay at $39.99 but at $19.99 it's a total steal