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  • Rollie D. Newton - Makes my computer crawl.

    Tried to use it for 1.5 months. Made my computer really slow and couldn't use it at all for 20 minutes after each startup because it maxed out the CPU usage with a Kaspersky file called avp.exe. I tried several times to get it resolved through the Kaspersky help techs. I tried everything they told me to try and nothing really helped. I finally erased it and downloaded a competetor's product. This one works fine and causes no computer slowdowns. I have used Kaspersky for two years before this with no problems and I do think their virus software is one of the best for detecting problems. However, I think Kaspersky has some problems with the 2013 version, but they don't want to admit it. It's a CPU hog.

  • P. L. Bliven - Very Comfortable Boot

    I got these for my husband as a work boot for his job and he loves them. He did find them to run a tad narrow and had to a Wide. But he does love them and find them very comfortable!!!!

  • R. D. Wolf - After running a scan I made the big mistake of ...

    After running a scan I made the big mistake of allowing it to auto fix the problems it identifed. After rebooting I noticed my audio was no longer working. After much effort I found the system audio and audio end point files were gone and others were corrupted. Tried the PC Matic restore function and still no go. Tried to refresh my computer from my Windows 8 disc and found out the "free" upgrade to windows 8.1 would not recognize my disc as valid... Having run out of options I reloaded Windows 8 and spent the next two days loading software and recovering what files I could, I did lose all my email files. PC Matic refunded all my money and ended by saying how sorry they were things didn't work out for me...

  • t.tiame - Ads! Ads! and more Ads!

    The interface for 2016 is MUCH harder to use then earlier versions but the backups run fine. What is terrible is how often Acronis pops up Ads on your computer. It's non-stop! I had to take Acronis off of my kids computers because they kept clicking on them which led to inappropriate content.

  • Virginia Copeland - Worked as promised

    We were hoping that it would hold two pieces of fabric together like stitches but it doesn't. It is water proof and a good sealer. Our fabric stretched too much and it couldn't take the weight of our project but we used it to waterproof and reinforce it. It is good for something stiffer and not so elastic.

  • Amazon Customer - An old school text book, not a user manual

    This book goes into the gory details for each bit of Quicken, but not really how to use Quicken, not how to quickly create accounts that data can be imported to. It lacks any quick reference how-to instructions. Creating accounts is a trial and error endeavor. The book doesn't present the simple steps to accomplish creating savings/spending accounts so that data is correctly imported. It forces a user to create automatically updated accounts but not one account was populated correctly. I have had to delete all accounts and recreate them, some 3 times.