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  • poetic ram - Great chair! Love it!

    This chair is great! We take it everywhere. It is portable and even fits nicely on bar tops (like at our local hot dog place that only has running overhang). It is also nice at restaurants because you can mount it in the booth so that your kid isn't hanging out on the end where they are serving food over top of him/her. I've also washed all the parts and it's very easy to get on and off. We don't go anywhere without this chair. It's compact, light and I have had so many people ask me where I got it from. There is a reason it is a best seller on Amazon. It was a great investment for our family!!!

  • Tom Miller - Think twice

    Don't waste your money! I bought this product almost a month ago after seeing the infomercial and have yet for the grass to grow over the entire 8 x 8 area (I know, results may vary). We have patches of grass and other areas have nothing at all. We prepped the area as instructed and water 3 times a day as instructed as well, only to have small spots of grass. At this pace it will take until year's end to have the entire 8 x 8 space filled (fingers crossed). Could have just bought normal grass seed. Very disappointing as well as extremely annoying! Little grass and a higher water bill! Thanks.

  • R. Moss - cool, interesting, different

    No where near as good as the first one. It was great seeing some of the original actors. Really unrealistic and a stretch to think another world so much more advanced then us could not fight them but then we successfully did what they didnt. The point of any other civilization being any more advanced from us would be because of ONE factor...they ALL work together for survival and not kill each other , especially over stupid meaningless crap like we do. Also a ship THAT big that buries itself in our earths surface would throw our gravity off and life would cease to be able to exist. First movie was plausible whereas this one not so much. Fun movie. Did not have the sock it factor like the first quite as good but actors were great. Will Smiths son....meh, not so much...I think he certainly was capable of giving a better shot at it and hopefully in the future we will get to see that.

  • Myrna A. - I purchased this set because the serum was recommended to me by a hair stylist as the front ...

    I purchased this set because the serum was recommended to me by a hair stylist as the front of my hair is thinning. The conditioner is great. It does not smell like garlic at all and leaves my hair feeling very soft. Like other reviewers mentioned, there is less hair sheading after using the conditioner; especially after leaving it in as one soaps up, shaves and rinses it out at the very end. The only product that I have a dislike for is the shampoo. It contains Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate which is just another name for Sodium Sulfate. This is what makes shampoos lather up and is the oil stripper. All shampoos with Sulfate leave your hair extremely rough because it removes all of the natural oils. As a person with curly hair, this is the worst enemy as curly hair already has very little natural oils and always needs heavy moisturizers. The best shampoos are the ones that actually say Sulfate free. Considering that this is supposed to be a nourishing shampoo, it SHOULD NOT contain any fancy variation of Sodium Sulfate. Once Botanikare corrects this, it will have an excellent product. They also need to add a pump to the bottle for added convenience.