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  • peggy - THRILLED!!!!

    I have never applied color to my hair before, as I had always had it done in the salon. The money spent in the salon is ridiculous, so thought I'd give it a try based on reviews. I'll have to say, as a total novice at applying hair color, this color is perfect! My salon color had become really one dimensional and dull. My hair is dark brown, but has a lot of red in it. I had lost the red in the the salon. I have it back! This color is so close to my original hair color, it's unbelievable. I was a little worried about the ammonia as my colorist had always used an ammonia free brand; however, I don't think it's been detrimental to my hair at all. It looks healthy, shiny, and soft. The smell wasn't bad and the smell after washing was nothing compared to what my hair used to smell like after getting it colored in the salon. eSalon emailed me with additional questions after I first placed my order and have emailed since to see how it turned out. Based on my description, they were worried that I wanted to lighten my hair and recommended I go to a salon. I realized that I should have said brighten, not lighten. I thought their concern and advice were great. I clearly saw on the web site about recurring orders, so am surprised that others missed this. I also saw that you don't have to continue ordering and it's a very easy change. I am thrilled, totally satisfied, and know that next time will be better as I won't be a total novice to the process.

  • Gracie - Perfect

    I have used lots of purple shampoos. Right now I am mostly grey with blonde from when I used to dye it. I am growing it out to all grey so I don't want the blond to be bright or brassy. It makes too much of a contrast. This shampoo is fabulous for the blonde. It cools it down to a nice more flattering blonde while transitioning more subtly to the grey. This brightens up the grey nicely too. This shampoo is not too drying which is important if you are dying hair. It cleans well and smells fine (but barely there).

  • tusimay - I love it! Buy Wholesale!

    I LOVE Plexus Body Cream for everything! I especially like using it on my face at bedtime and under makeup. It works good for so many things. We use it for sunburns, insect bites and skin problems. Love it! Why pay retail prices?

  • E.C. - I have long, thick, wavy hair. I ...

    I have long, thick, wavy hair. I have used this product off and on for about 6 months and compared it with several other similar products. It definitely makes my hair easier to comb and has decreased the frizziness I have without styling.

  • Dr Bentwrench - Perfect for Guitar repairs

    Worked just as advertised. I repaired a guitar with it. It was recommended by some other guitar players, and works without heat.