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Home - 340B Health - 340B Health represents more than 1,000 public and private nonprofit hospitals and health systems that participate in the 340B drug pricing program. 

  • Contact Us - 340B Health - Contact 340B Health today to learn more about our non-profit association and its role in securing affordable healthcare for the underserved.
  • About - 340B Health - Read about 340B Health, it's mission, staff, available careers, and partners. 340B Health represents public and private nonprofit hospitals and health systems.
  • Join - 340B Health - Join 340B Health, a non-profit association that represents more than 1,000 hospitals and health systems, to provide enhanced patient outcomes.
  • Resources - 340B Health - Find many resources on the 340B Drug Pricing Program including compliance resources, government resources, implementation and operations resources among other.

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    Wonderful product. I ordered through Primere Auto Accessories, and had phenomenal customer service! I will be looking for them on future purchases!!!

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    This is the softest towel ever for an absorbent sport towel. There are several things I love about it in addition to the feel. Great color. Compact package - while at home I don't need a case for it, I like that a drawstring pouch is included. Also, that there is some netting to the pouch to facilitate drying! The towel picks up the moisture quickly and leaves you feeling dry, not clammy or sticky. It is colorfast, I had no problems with that.

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    I was very skeptical seeing almost a 50/50 split of great reviews compared to bad reviews for the GoPro. I did my research and the GoPro seems to be the camera that should work for me. I thought, or hoped is the better word, that all these problems would be resolved with the latest update, which is why I held off so long from purchasing till GoPro got their act together. So much for that logic.

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    I applied this to a 2014 Escape, so I can't speak to its restorative qualities. Hence the 4 stars. I can say that it's extremely easy to apply and the tiny bottle held enough to do every surface I could think of, including the door gaskets, and had enough left over to do a friend's headlights. A couple things to be aware of: The strong smell lingers for a couple days, so be prepared for it, especially if you keep your vehicle in a garage. Also, it's a little bit sticky until it cures completely (say, 24 hours). My power liftgate wouldn't open the next morning until I gave it a bit of help. Overall, I'm impressed so far and will almost certainly buy another kit in a few months.