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  • big family - Works great to prevent stomach flu!

    I haven't been a big believer in essential oils until staying at a friend's house...a couple of our children got the stomach flu, my friend immediately gave the rest of us (7 people) Thieves oil in water. She put some in water on the stove top, sprayed some around in a bottle of water/thieves...and no more of us got sick!! Since then we were at another friends house and some of their children got sick, we started using Thieves like it was going out of style, none of us that used it got sick! So I think I dare say this works great!

  • Earnest M. Marshall - compatible excellent service.

    installed on 2004 Dodge ram all mounting hardware and electrical connections were ,compatible excellent service.

  • Tyler Jackson - Great for assassination games and very dependable

    I'm in a group where we play a game called "Assassination" regularly. In the game, we each have a target and an assassin, but we don't know who our assassin is and our target doesn't know who we are. The whole point of the game is to be the last man standing. This blaster is perfect for this game because you can easy shoot three darts quickly and in a surprisingly straight line. Reloading is also fast if you keep some extra darts on hand, as there's no need for pulling out a clip and all our have to do is stick some darts in some chambers. It's the perfect size for concealing in the pocket of a hoodie or a jacket and therefore makes it easier to hide from your potential target. Good luck, and happy hunting!

  • loby91487 - Love it! Easy to use!

    I love this! It clips on my BOB stroller easily and come off easy too. The only thing I would like to change is the ability to collapse the stroller with this adaptor still on. Having to take it off every time is annoying but I know I would need it for very long anyway.

  • M. E. Keimig - Great book for writers

    This book is great for anyone who wants to get helpful tips for writing and learn what markets are out there

  • patricia caminos - This company has the worst service. It does not stand by their warranty

    I purchased a belt from this company with a 2 year warranty. Their gel pads have to be purchased separately and I purchased 3 sets of these. After about 7 months using the belt, the belt stopped working. I thought it was the pads, so i bought more. They did not solve the issue either so i contacted customer service. Arthur was incredibly rude and would not help me. I tried to escalate to management but that is impossible. So i called in and was told to mail back the belt with the controller and they would send me a new one. I did so and about 2 weeks later I got a belt but no controller. the belt cannot work without the controller. I talked to arthur again in customer service who told me I did not send the controller back and refused to send me another one. I don't understand this company. They have a good product but they are not standing by their claim of 2 year warranty. Do NOT Buy this belt unless you want to keep dumping $200 into a new belt. the belt will not last more then one year and its one of these companies who when you go to claim the warranty, they give you a really hard time. Not worth it. The belt it not that great.

  • Christopher E. Justice - Recommended for a Complete Home Theater Experience

    Amazing experience and we spent 2 hours with it before even gaming. I love the voice control, Xbox pause, Xbox watch HBO, Xbox Skype Mandy, Xbox Netflix, it has everything from Crackle to Hulu. Forget Apple TV and Roku - this is worth it. The Skype experience is worth it as my wife has family in Brazil. We have 4-5 Brazilians talking at the same time and the camera is magic - it follow and zooms to whomever is talking. The games are good but it's really just the beginning for the platform. It is NOT backward compatible and there is no way to make it so. Stupid move from Microsoft and Sony. HDMI passthrough is the way to go.