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  • AmazonCustomer - Works really well on blemishes. I added a few ...

    Works really well on blemishes. I added a few drops into my toner to use on my face daily. I also added a few drops into my shampoo and it really helped with my greasy hair. Much cheaper option than the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree shampoo I was using before. If you add a few drops to your bubble bath, it'll make your skin really soft too. This stuff does have a strong smell, but it doesn't linger that long. I've put some over a pimple and gone out without noticing an odor.

  • G. S. Noble - For the money, it's OK, but for me there are too many issues

    This blender was a gift on Christmas of 2014. It is used about 5 times a year and for a $99 blender (the cost at the time), it works well enough. Let's get through the good things first then the reason it only got 3 stars.

  • theGraduateStudent - The smell outweighs the benefit for me

    I will not be speaking to how this product functions - I've only had the car three weeks and its too early to tell. However what I can say for those of you who are considering coating this on the inside - please take the time to smell the interior of a car that has had this product recently applied. I did not, and when I got into my new bimmer, I almost heaved. It was unbelievable, and three weeks of wiping the seats and applying deodorizers have yet to have an impact. I would happily wax my car twice a year and kept my new car smell in exchange.

  • carlitos - Great wireless buds for gym rats

    I use these mostly at the gym. Soft ear loops are surprisingly good at keeping earbuds from falling, I didn't think they would ever hold when I first held them in my hand. The cushion that goes into my ear felt like it was the right size but my earbuds kept on falling out, I tried the two different sizes and ended up with the small. They actually stay in place now. Calls sound great and people can hear me well, I've been told. Sound quality is a little better than what you would expect for the price.

  • D. Gentry - Good book!

    It will make you miss Lucy and Desi even more. Very good reading. You will keep turning the pages, hard to put down.

  • James - Time will tell

    Have not seen anything different yet except trouble sleeping since starting product and its taken early A.M

  • Best_Legend - What a Show this Is!! Unbelieveable GREAT Experience!

    This may be the best music concert DVD I have, and I have many. It ain't easy to say that because while I was waiting for it to arrive in the mail, I viewed "The Concert for Bangladesh" & "The Concert for George" the night before, so I had fresh "dream" performances on my mind. But, this is 2014, and technology, plus current changes in music performance techniques makes one have higher standards in performance expectations of such presentations.