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  • Brian C. - So Much Easier To Use

    My son took a course last trimester in High School on Home Design and got into it big time. He was always excited to show us and his relatives his latest house plans he had drawn. He even drew his Uncle's Cabin from memory and gave him a copy of the plans. This last Christmas We bought him a program for his laptop in hopes that he would spend more time doing something constructive instead of playing HALO all the time. The High School had been using the top of the line version of Home Designer but I bought the HGTV version for him for Christmas. It was not very user friendly, hard to use and had an instruction manual about 300 pages thick. We got a refund. Ordered the Hime Designer Suite here on Amazon and now I'm even getting into this! Very easy to use and a lot of fun! Highly recommend it.

  • amberway - fun, great beginner brewing set

    I bought this for my husband for fathers day one yesr. He was so THRILLED. It was the start of a major hobby/obsession for both of us. The mixes included were ok, a cervasa and a pilsner. Neither one was super, but they were both drinkable. Pilsner was the best of the 2. Out of curiousity, we tried doing one bottle using the faster directions included, and for the rest we used the 2-2-2 rule recommended by most other reviewers. DEFINITELY use the 2-2-2 rule. The bottle brewed according to the faster directions was undrinkable. Tried a few other mr beer mixes and again, good but not stunning. When we started experimenting with adding fruit or citrus zest, and getting creative though, we got some amazing results. Eventually we perfected some of our own recipes too, which was tricky at first due to the small size but still do-able. We ended up getting a bigger, better kit eventually, but still use our mr beer for test batches and ciders etc. Mr Beer was a convenient starter option, and was overall a great little product for the price TIP-another review recommended lightly sanding the edges around the tap opening before assembly. We didn't do this and had a bit of leakage at first. Were able to take it apart and sanded it smooth and it worked like a charm.

  • GreenPlantern - Electricity's favourite cable?

    While conducting myself through metal, I found myself suddenly feeling... different. Better! It was like flowing through liquid gold, except not quite. I was flowing through the AudioQuest cables. However, my enjoyment only lasted a few nanoseconds, as I soon reached the speakers and was converted into magnetism. You will have to ask the magnetic forces for sure, but I don't think there was any difference in their experience. The cables were for my benefit alone. By the time any sound waves were produced, the experience was forgotten completely. Do your electricity a favour: Buy these cables.

  • Ronald Mortensen - Excellent

    Taking for 1 month.. Still evaluating the results. Good Product, time will tell...Excellent service.. I had elevated liver enzymes before taking this product.. After 1 month the enzymes were back to normal as were all my other liver related lab tests.. Excellent Product..

  • Amazon Customer - Awesome product!!!

    Ok, so when I first reviewed the product, I gave it one star. I had completed a test w/ ticks. Spray in one Ziploc and none in the other. I gave poor stars b/c the test tick did not die in the first couple of days. I was very wrong. The sprayed tick died in a few days (they are very resilient no matter what you use) and the non-sprayed tick stayed alive for WEEKS....actually for over a month in a Ziploc.