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  • tom morgan - Very good.

    It was just what I ordered and is just what I expected. It was delivered in a timely manner. Very good.

  • Anngela Kichman - Says how nice it is but says its something hard to get ...

    Got it for a gift for my dad who collects, he loves it. Says how nice it is but says its something hard to get the coins in place.

  • Maura - One of the great under eye concealer's out there

    One of the great under eye concealer's out there. I have purple dark circles no matter what I do. When I go bare faced I always get asked if I'm tired or sick. For me, being fair skinned with purple, deep circles, I needed a salmon colored concealer. I use the lightest shade in erase paste because you want to conceal as well as brighten the area. If you go too dark, you may make the under eye area look worse. The light shade is great; it has peachy/salmon tones but looks like your skin (versus some correctors, which are stark yellow, green, red, etc.) It is a super creamy product and a little goes a long way. It is hydrating for the under eye area, which is important. I put on foundation, then this, and then a highlight shade on top. I set it with a translucent powder and it stays well (a little bit of movement from the product as the day goes on, but this could be because I have multiple creamy products on my face). Does it completely hide my circles? No. I haven't found a product that does, but this comes close and has a beautiful application and finish.

  • EUGENE WATTS - These mats are 100% better if you want a clean look and carpet protection

    I purchased weather tech floor mats and return them. These mats are 100% better if you want a clean look and carpet protection. I would recommend these to anyone.

  • Sarah Raines - Go for it! A great challenge to stop an addiction you didn't know you had!

    So, I am on day 9 of the 10 day detox. I really like it. I will continue it in a modified version. I feel really good. Amazing how much your taste buds change when they are not addicted to sugar! Really, I would not have believed, in fact, I would have rolled my eyes at it. But, wow! I have enjoyed the challenge of the program...though I must admit...weekends are the real challenge! They are not make for detoxing...but we survived! Thanks for laying out the steps and making clear then benefits! I will certainly recommend this book to anyone!

  • J. Otto - Mostly good advice

    Limiting sugar is good. Keeping carbs to low-glycemic sources is good. Giving the impression that otherwise you can eat what you want is bad. As far as losing weight, it might be true. After all, the Adkins Diet does work. But its not at all healthy to eat nothing but fat and protein. That's not what this book advocates but it does recommend some things that are nutrtionally ill-advised. Just because something is low-carb or sugar-free and won't contribute to weight gain doesn't make it a smart thing to eat.