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Making Changes (the science of how ahas affect health, healing, human nature) - The Making Changes website explores aha's and change in general, including how you can have your own ahas. Topics include personality theory, asperger's autism spectrum, talk therapy, learning education, mind consciousness, weight loss fitness, relationships and addictions.

  • Making Changes Menu - articles about growth and change - Common sense videos and articles about how to make personal changes. Topics range from what keeps us from making changes to how to get unstuck.
  • Consciousness and the Mind - articles on the nature of the mind - Common sense videos and articles about consciousness and the mind. Introduces a way to map the mind which describes all possible truths in all possible minds. Based on Emergence Personality Theory.
  • Talk Therapy - articles about wounds and healing - Common sense videos and articles about going to talk therapy. Topics include what makes a therapy succeed or fail, how do you know you have the right therapist, what is the best therapy for you, and how do you know when a wound has been healed?
  • Education & Learning Menu | articles about teaching and learning - Common sense videos and articles on the nature of education, teaching, reading, writing, and how you can restore the love of learning.
  • Healthy Relationships - articles about how to connect to others - Common sense videos and articles about relationships and love. What causes romantic attraction? When is it time to leave? What can you do to improve your relationship?
  • Autism Spectrum Menu - articles about Autism, Asperger's, ADHD, and OCD - Common sense videos and articles on autism, Asperger's, ADHD, OCD, and the autism spectrum. Non medical viewpoints which treat these conditions as minority personalities, rather than as medical conditions.
  • Addictions & Recovery Menu - articles about alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling, and other addictions - Common sense videos amd articles on the nature of alcoholism, addictions, compulsions, and recovery, and how a blank mind affects risk and healing. Also comparisons to gambling and overeating, and how emergence therapy can help.
  • Food, Weight, Fitness - articles about eating, exercise and weight loss - Common sense videos and articles about the nature of weight loss, eating, and exercise. Articles focus on how states of mind affect your ability to lose weight, maintain fitness, and be healthy in general.
  • Personality Menu | articles about personality and human nature - Common sense articles on personality and human nature, and how emergence personality theory succeeds where all other theories fail.

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