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AL Riggs is Sister Viktorineis AL Riggs - Official tumblr-doo for music by that person previously mentioned.

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  • AL Riggs is Sister Viktorineis AL Riggs — Shit people have forgotten about the Bush Era: - Shit people have forgotten about the Bush Era: like-bunnies: “ mommapolitico: “ socialjusticesithlord: “ oak23: “ newwavenova: “ tiffanarchy: “ lady–liberty: “ steviemcfly: “...
  • AL Riggs is Sister Viktorineis AL Riggs — “I’m just exploring all my options” - “I’m just exploring all my options” livinginthequestion: “ naamahdarling: “ maverick-ornithography: “ sitta-pusilla: “ You have no options. Voting for a third party candidate is effectively throwing...
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  • AL Riggs is Sister Viktorineis AL Riggs — splintercellconviction: there isn’t a single... - splintercellconviction: “ there isn’t a single thing about this that I don’t like ”
  • AL Riggs is Sister Viktorineis AL Riggs — frankocean: I read in the paper that my brothers... - frankocean: “I read in the paper that my brothers are being thrown from rooftops blindfolded with their hands tied behind their backs for violating sharia law. I heard the crowds stone these fallen...
  • AL Riggs is Sister Viktorineis AL Riggs — twitterlols: do u ever just wonder how another... - twitterlols: “ do u ever just wonder how another person’s brain works ” This was not me who said this but if I’m related to the person who refused to serve Trump supporters then I’m behind on a lot of...
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  • AL Riggs is Sister Viktorineis AL Riggs — harveyjames: jncos: Dracula’s a public domain... - harveyjames: “ jncos: “ Dracula’s a public domain character so you’re being negligent as an author is you don’t at least consider using him in every story ” I’ve been saying this for years ”
  • AL Riggs is Sister Viktorineis AL Riggs — So I've seen you hint at this in a few places, but... - thecreativeintersection said: So I've seen you hint at this in a few places, but why do you dislike Joy Division so much? Especially as a former goth? Answer: I do not dislike Joy Division. To the...

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    City: -73.9826 New York, United States

  • Stephanie - This game is the best so far

    This game is the best so far, even with no Kinect. Mines been having issues so I tried out the phone compatibility, and it's awesome! 10/10.

  • Christian Fisco - Bright and Beautiful

    These lights are amazing. I have a pretty large gardens in my front and backyard, and I enjoy staring at the flowers and bushes being lit up at night. I’ve purchased lights before but they were poorly made and fell apart easily. The plastic poles were weak and flimsy. If there was ever a wind storm or if I was gardening and bumped into them, they would end up falling apart. The light were also solar charged, but they dim and unappealing. These lights however made such a difference in my gardens. They are well put together and very bright. I don’t have to worry about them being destroyed even when winter storms come. The stainless steel looks beautiful and I don’t have to worry about them rusting from rain or snow. The spike made it really easy to impale the ground and it is very sturdy in the ground. However, the brightness has to be my favorite part of the lights. There is no worry about charging them or replacing batteries because they are solar powered. The LED lights are so amazing. They were so bright and my gardens are perfectly illuminated!

  • Geoff Chew - Impressive

    I chose this kit over the others because of the hand sanding, not trusting an over-aggressive power drill. The instructions were straight forward and there's also a good YouTube video which I would recommend. The procedure took about 30 mins per headlight and the results were impressive. Several reviews have commented on poor long term performance of this product. I contacted Sylvania about applying a double coating of the stage 3 UV block clear coat as I had a lot left over. Their reply was -

  • Dragonlady - VERY Strong Tasting Oil

    I tried this product as I have had good results with other doTERRA products. The taste of Slim & Sassy Oil is VERY strong and the Peppermint is nearly overpowering to the other ingredients. I could not tolerate it in water or tea and ended up putting it a strawberry and banana smoothie. The taste was still strong but at least I could get it down. I used the product for 2 weeks and did not notice a significant difference in my appetite, energy level or anything else. Perhaps 2 weeks isn't long enough to see a change. IN any case, the taste is too strong for me to be tolerable, so for anyone who doesn't like or can't have peppermint, I would not recommend this oil.

  • SeaDog - Painless Perfection!!!!!!

    OMG, Sweet Mother of Jesus, this thing is awesome. We've never had one, so we figured we'd shoot for a middle of the road one. I spit out thing stuck in there from when I was 3!!!! Seriously, I NOTICE my teeth are whiter and my wife notices. For the money...I don't know what to say. I'm still licking my teeth just to feel how clean they are. This thing is amazing and I would recommend it to my Mother and all of my family. In fact, they might actually see this one again in December. Great gift idea, after you get your own that is!!! I was blown away at how many years this thing shaved off my teeth. I used to smoke cigars and now I vape.....ziiiiip, gone. It tore all the tar right off. Plaque be for warned, you are out of there. It's like shaving the barnacles off the bottom of a boat... :P Oh and with no pain, NO PAIN. Did I mention comfortably, and no pain. We were worried about the pain and were really surprised at how minimal even around known sore areas. There was a little mmmm, but not bad. Not bad enough to stop. Pretty much painless.

  • New England Gal - Highly recommend

    Protects hair and at same time hair looks healthy, not dry! I color my hair every 8-10 weeks & wash & dry using a hair dryer almost daily! This product is fabulous to put on prior to drying! Also if you do not wash hair on day just use this and lightly dry hair and hair looks fantastic! Shiny and healthy!

  • CatEB - I'm in love

    I had 2 of the 10" Solatubes installed last year and I love them! One is in a windowless bathroom and the other is over the work triangle in my kitchen. I can't recommend them enough. The only downside is you keep trying to turn off the light when you leave the room.