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    Well I always thought bedbugs was a myth, you know "SLEEP TIGHT AND DON'T LET THE BED BUGS BITE" Well they are real omg they are real and a huge problem to get rid of. I have never seen a bug that's this hard to get rid of. So my Youngest son brings these bedbugs home from school backpack or something and they get all in the couch. So I go for the $10 a can stuff and powder from lowes, This helps none! so I start reading on these little evil bugs to try and find out what to do. I then i tried Diatomaceous Earth - 5 Lb and sprinkled it all over the whole house, I think the bedbugs just had a snowball fight with that. Now i'm losing my mind three things and none of them have done any good. So next I had read steam worked, I got a hand held steamer from amazon this helps but I am still seeing them, So I read about this stuff, praying this will help, as I am @ my wits end with these evil bugs. So I mix two tablespoons to a gallon and sprayed it all over the couch and carpet, next night after 12:00 am to 5;00am is when these evil bugs are out and about, I look and see none! This is kinda of high priced, but not like having to call a pest control. But it does work!!! It was a pure nightmare with them bugs,until I got this.. I got these little bottles first, but just got the bigger bottle now for follow up once a month treatments.. Steam and this and you will sleep tight trust me!!!! oh this is the link to the big bottle wish I had got this in the first place, has alot of uses and much cheaper per ml..I hope this helps, as bedbugs are truly evil nasty blood suckers

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