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    The package arrived on time and the package came in its own envelope like it could have been shipped separately. The ends were covered with small plastic covers which I appreciated so that I knew that the cable was protected. I think that the conduction in gold tips are supposed to be better than the silver tips. I was originally concerned that at such a small price the cable would be too thin or shorter than described. The cord is decently thick and it really is long enough to go from the floor to the television. I just couldn't imagine my life without it.

  • Eric - A $30 bet that didn't pay dividends.

    If there was a leak this sounded like it should fix, it was my leak. Two or three very small pinhole leaks at the PVC joints in my spa. After three treatments with the bottle (as directed this is what 32oz should give you in a spa), the leak hasn't changed at all. No improvement. Sorely disappointed with this product. Looks like it's time to cut out all the pipes and start over.

  • Carl Franklin, JD/PhD - Only one small issue and one not worth avoiding a purchase

    I was very excited to receive this product and I am happy with all aspects, with only one small issue. Let me take that issue up first and explain why only gave this product for stars. If you already own a vehicle that uses an advanced audio system with Bluetooth then you likely will not need this product. But if you are like me, and have some classic cars that you want to expand their usability with a product like this then this is probably a great choice. There is only one small caveat, though. One of the cars I use the product in is a third-generation Corvette which has the cigarette lighter in the center console covered by a small flip open plate. I found that there was a slight problem getting this product to fit well into that connection without causing a bit of interference with the gear shifter.

  • NikNak - Finishing touch lumina the best

    I want to buy a couple more of these - while it goes through the triple AAA batteries it still works better than any other I have bought. I am a facial hair removal freak! and this really works - it isn't like waxing and I have gotten rashes from facial wax that doesn't work. Those wirey black ones - you'll still have to use the tweezers - but I have not found a product - even wax that gets that! I get more hair with this than wax!