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  • Cynthia - Shredded my hair

    I have fine, curly hair and have learned to be cautious of how hair products can weight it down so rather than use this detangler as well as conditioner I just used the detangler. When I sprayed it on to my wet hair and waited a few minutes as prescribed it did help ease the comb through my hair BUT after my hair dried and I tried to comb it it shredded my hair because the comb would not go through it.

  • Redd Foxxy - I Look So Polished!

    I LOVE this lil' thing! It helps my daughters avoid making a mess when they are painting their fingernails, which also helps me stay sane! The finger anchors help stabilize the polish bottle, which makes my lil' ones make less mistakes as well. This is not only a perfect gift for little girls, but for girly-challenged women like me! It is very light in weight and small in size making it easy to carry in a small purse and easy to use anywhere. You can practically polish your nails anywhere. When my girls waste a little polish on the tweexy, it can easily be cleaned w/soap and water. It keeps my girls busy on our long road trips. This item is really ingenious! I received this item at a discount for my completely UNBIASED review!

  • JenFrago - A must-have for any kitchen!!!

    We've only been using this for a week, but it only took minutes to find out that this was something special. The trial run wasn't a success, mostly because I didn't have the balance of ingredients right. As I keep using it, though, it's fast becoming the most valuable appliance in our kitchen. We love the single-serving containers to make smoothies and other drinks (iced coffee is my favorite). I made cookies last night and decided to use the bowl attachment. In the past, mixing the dough for one batch usually took about 10 minutes, but last night I had two batches of dough and a pan in the oven within the same amount of time! I can't say enough good things about the Ninja, and I sound like the infomercial when I tell everyone about it. This weekend I'll be experimenting with margaritas!

  • J-Dub - Very Good Soap

    My son contacted Hand, Foot & Mouth disease this past summer from my in-laws kids (of course their side and not mine) anyway, his toe nails started to turn green and get transverse ridges on them. Unbeknownst to us, we thought it was just dirty toenails. So when I looked down to cut his nails they started to peel off, which freaked me out and I tried to get the best thing to kill the nail infection without using pharmaceuticals. So what I did was soaked his feet in a mixture of warm water, this soap and epsom salts for 20 minutes each day for 3 days.

  • Patricia A. - Let me just say that I have been really disappointed with this car seat

    Ugh, highly overrated. We have a Maxi Cosi Pria for our toddler but because that seat is quite wide, I was looking for a narrower car seat to compensate the width of the Pria, so that we can have access to the third row when we have family over, or sit 3 across in the future.

  • Darla - my overall mood is better. Thank you

    I was looking for some kind of relieve!! I've been taking these pills for about two weeks now, and I must say, no hot flashes, decrease in night sweats, no sleepless nights, my overall mood is better. Thank you!