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    I have 30 year old laminate countertops. I'm a pretty good painter but was still a little intimidated by the whole process. It was way easier than I thought it would be and the results are amazing. I have a whole new kitchen now and it really pops with the chocolate brown granite look. I will give a couple cautions/tips: 1) I used a degreaser and then sanded my countertops first with 80 grit sand paper and then wiped it down really well before putting on the primer. About 6 hours after I put it on, one of my cats jumped up on it and when I scared him down, he put hisclaws into his retreat - it didn't leave marks/scratches on the primer. 2) I had a hard time with getting into where the backsplash met the countertop. Using the sponge just smeared it. I think next time I'd find some kind of corner sponging tool. 3) I kept getting roller marks on the clearcoat. Someone suggested adding water to thin it a bit but I don't know if I'd want to lose any protection. Fortunately you really can only see it from a certain angle/lighting. Overall, if you are looking for a easy, cheap bandaid to really bad countertops, I highly recommend this product. Good luck!

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