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  • LezModel - Miracle in a tic-tac sized pill!

    I have suffered with BV for at least 10 years. And like most women when I get a "flare" up the doctor just prescribes you some harsh antibotics. With me for the last year it seems like I was getting it every other month. After sex I would get have a discharge for a week. I know there is a "normal" amount of discharge that woman should experience, but this was the "BV kind". Also I noticed after my period, I would get a flare up. I went to 3 different doctors and no one can figure out why I was getting these outbreaks so often. I am active in the gym, I don't eat red meat or pork, and I have a pretty decent overall diet.

  • Meerkat - It sounded like a good idea...

    I pre-ordered Moov NOW when it first became available and seriously anticipated it's release. When I received it, there were a few glitches in getting it to sync with my phone, but I got it to work so I figured no harm, no foul. Unfortunately, there were issues with the receiver not staying in the wristband. I caught it on my desk at work once and again next to me on the couch at home. I started wearing the wristband tighter so there might be less likelihood of the receiver slipping out of the band, but apparently that did not help. Now, less than two weeks after receiving it, the receiver has managed to liberate itself from the band and this time I have no idea where it got to. I really wanted to like this tracker, but if it's so delicate that the receiver doesn't stay inside the wristband when there's any type of movement, it doesn't do me any good. It's supposed to be a convenience, not something that requires constant vigilance to make certain it's still where it's supposed to be.

  • Amazon Customer - Satisfactory

    This review book is satisfactory. It's not the best, but if you just want to pass, this book is a go. If you want to make the highest score, I'd pass. I passed my Hesi A2 using this book and free internet resources. For the Hesi, I would definitely study the muscles in depth including location, mitosis/meiosis, the veins/arteries, ratios, fractions, and conversions. The grammar and reading should be self explanatory. Good Luck to who ever is taking the test. Think positive and you will pass.

  • leti419 - Great!!

    Great curling iron. I have hair that is very hard to keep curled. Usually all the other irons I used after about 30 minutes my hair would die and look like crap. Not only do I NOT need hair spray or mouse to keep the curl, but it can hold in good condition for at least two days! VERY pleased with this curling irom.


    My niece (who is four) enjoyed these stories a lot. They are just the right length to hold her attention, and she especially enjoyed the story about Princess Ella's teeth!

  • LSNelson - Works great!

    Avast! free version was recommend to me by a computer scientist (so, he's my son, he still knows what he's talking about!). I figured it he used it, it had to be good! It is.