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  • R. McLeod - Great Buy

    This backpacks fit and finish are top quality, and you can't beat the price. I use this for riding on my scooter and it works perfectly. Lots of storage space for a smaller sized bag, and the straps adjust well to hone in a comfortable fit. I especially like the strap clips on the belt that keep the excess strap from flapping around all willy-nilly. I searched for weeks for a backpack under $30 and none matched up to this one. No regrets with my purchase. The free delivery did take a while longer than expected, but there was a three-day weekend and a hurricane that played a factor in that.

  • Charyl - Very loud and is an electric shaver!

    I thought this would be more to a woman's touch but was disappointed. It was VERY, louder than my husbands electric shaver or anything else I have in my home with the exception of the vacuum cleaner but close.

  • wesley mitchell - Great fitness support

    For young and old, a great in home gym. Takes up very little space and provides for a full body workout. Additional bands are need for maximum benefit.

  • Barbara C. - Especially like the download capability as it reduces the environmental impact ...

    Over the years, went from doing annual federal taxes by hand (when they were a lot more simple than today) to Kiplinger Tax Cut, and now, to H&R Block. For consistency, lower cost, and lower demand on PC HD & memory, this is the program we use. Especially like the download capability as it reduces the environmental impact of cardboard, plastic, fuel, etc. that is associated with shipping of CS's.

  • Jeremy - nice light, lantern, charge and more

    This multi function lightl is a neat deal. As any multi function light does it has many different functions and this one has many of the same. The light can be a normal flashlight and it has three modes of light you can select. The bottom actual will pull out and you now have a nice bright lantern. The size of the multi function light is also a plus because it will fit easily in your bug out bag, a normal bag and has a ring at the top that you can connect it or hand it. Very easy to carry and use. You charge unit thru a usb and you can even charge other devices if needed which is nice and just gives the unit one more option for multi function. I would recommend this tool and it should be a consideration on your list if that is what you desire. It is of good quality and it will be very useful in my daily routine. The multi functional lights came quickly because it was full filled by Amazon and shipped by them so it didn’t take long like some other items that don’t come directly from Amazon. I would say this should be on your list for consideration if you are in the market for an item such as this.

  • Kathleen Ingram - 4.5 stars~ A good perspective

    4+ Stars ~ " Owen Tudor, a Welsh servant, waits in Windsor Castle to meet his new mistress,Queen Catherine of Valois, widow of the warrior king, Henry V"

  • elmarc - but this CD came highly recommended. It has lived up to the hype

    I came late to Massive Attack. the genre was new to me, but this CD came highly recommended. It has lived up to the hype. For me it's a sort of combo of trance and easy on the ears hip hop. Maybe some jazz as well.