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    Wow. I have to say it again. Wow. This book picked me up and held me hostage until the end. I'm a romance reader, so this was a departure for me. Without giving anything away, it did not disappoint. I loved it so much, right after reading I started it all over again. It's just that good. If you're in a book slump, read this book. If you aren't in a book slump - you still need to read this book :). This story will stay with you long after you finish. That's what great writing is all about.

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    I have been looking at these clubs for a couple of years now and I have to say the wait was long overdue. off the first tee I laid it up a little shorter then my normal clubs but fifteen yards lost is well worth the pinpoint accuracy and precision of the hits. as a couple of other reviews have stated the loft may be the influence for the longer capabilities, I am not so sure. I was able to utilize more of the clubs in my arsenal and drop the ball down with great trajectory and spin. my last approach on the 18th was a testament to this as I dropped the ball 3 ft from the hole using a pw from 140 out. the backspin drew it closer by a foot leaving my an easy birdie put. the look, feel, and design of these clubs I think is amazing and even though I am sure to have my bad days, the first time out will be memorable for some time.

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