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  • Shells - I tried this for the first time outdoors I tried ...

    I tried this for the first time outdoors I tried to attach the solar power portion of solar lights to the top of a metal swing for some reason it would not stick to the swing I don't know if it's a powder coating but it never harend too well and basically did not stay put as I would have expected

  • isarge - This was one last Lucas product I had never used ...

    This was one last Lucas product I had never used....and it worked for my valve cover gasket seep. I used Lucas fuel--oil--and trans products for decades now and swear by them!

  • S. James Cook - One of the Best Health Books of our Time

    Having studied health for the last thirty years, this book has to be in the top 5 I've ever read. His style is largely in layman's terminology that most anyone can readily comprehend. The author has his Master's degree, and a number of years working in the field of organic chemistry. This qualifies his absolute blasting of big pharma with an exposure and ample negative criticism they so rightly deserve. His natural alternatives to these drugs are common sense, and have demonstrated proof throughout the history of the people of the world. I can't recommend this book highly enough.

  • Andrew McLauchlan - These knee sleeves are great for anyone that has had knee problems or are ...

    These knee sleeves are great for anyone that has had knee problems or are lifting a lot of weight for squats or deadlifts. When you first get this product it will have a really strong rubber smell. I would recommend washing them by themselves before use to try and reduce the smell. I washed them for the first time with the rest of my laundry and the smell kind of just got transferred to my clothes so I had to run the wash a couple extra times to get rid of the smell from everything. The logo will come off pretty quickly but that doesn't bother me at all. These sleeves kept my knees warm and reduced the soreness in my knees during all of my sets. The first time I used them I got a personal record squat so I am definitely a believer in this product.

  • Stephanie R. Porvaznik - Love this protein powder

    Love this protein powder! Taste great with no aftertaste. Easy way to get daily protein in. Also works great in recipes for added protein. Can't wait to try the vanilla too.

  • PaulJohnson - Good Way to learn guitar

    5 months later I can play just about all the chords and have learned a lot. The Rocksmith Guitar comes with it and mine is still working fine and at some point I will upgrade, but for my level and the Price it cost it works.. Very Good software and Learning package, very well thought out. Could you a better mix of Songs to Learn, lots of Heavy Metal and could use some toned down Rock songs that move a little slower for beginners.. Very Pleased though