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    People misunderstand...this IS NOT A NAIL CLIPPER!!! It is listed as a trimmer!! The trick is to cut your nails to the desired length and then use this on a regular basis to keep your nails trimmed down. I am disabled and it works great!

  • joe m - buggy. bad support.cheaper than competition.

    I developed tax software for 11 years. I've worked with people who now are employed by either H&R or TurboTax.

  • J. Putra - Office

    Hassle free activation from Amazon's key. OEM key only good for 1 pc but glad I don't have to keep track of the key. Its stored on Amazon in casd I need to reinstall.

  • Alex N - Great grinder, portable, suction cup bottom, and hand cranked

    The meat grinder is about the size of my small blender, the magic bullet, just a little bit wider. It fits very nicely on my counters tops and doesn't take up too much space. Although, after I am done using it, I do make sure to put it away underneath the kitchen sink. I own another meat grinder, which is much larger and I have used it for years. And from the very beginning it felt strange to use. It was large and clunky and felt like it belonged in a meat owners shop. It was electric and plugged into a wall. This one however is the perfect size for my family to use. It is completely hand cranked and there is no electricity or wiring involved at all. The meat grinder is made of a hard plastic, with stainless steel for the grinder piece for the meat to go through. It also suctions onto the counter very well, with a strong grip that only releases when the knob is turned. Honestly nothing bad to say about it. I have ground, meat for burgers, meatballs, and even vegetables as well for some homemade salsa. I do recommend giving this a thorough washing before, because some of the flavoring of my garlic went through with the meat, which wasn't a bad thing, but something to be aware of. It also important to trim off the fat on meat or else it may get stuck inside the grinder. I got the hand crank meat grinder for a discount for reviewing purpose, but came here to drop the honest truth.

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    I do like it. I don't like the mosquitoes and they just love me. I'd definitely recommend this product!

  • Marshall Smith - Easy to use

    I've become such a huge fan of these over the last couple of years. Easy to use, discreet, and non-damaging.

  • E. Karasik - Excellent design updates

    Waterpik is a great product, and my dental hygienist agrees that using one has made all the difference in the health of my teeth and gums. I had to scrap my old one after my cat chewed through the little tube leading to the jet, and was very pleasantly surprised to discover that the design has been improved in several ways: (1) it has a smaller "footprint" which takes much less space on my bathroom counter; (2) it is significantly quieter, so I can now use it late at night without fear of disturbing the neighbors; (3) the little tube to the jet is now designed in such a manner that when you replace the jet in the bracket after use, the tube coils neatly and disappears into the body of the device (safe from little cat teeth); and (4) the whole device is more streamlined and attractive-looking. Others have correctly noted that the well for holding water is not as large as in the older models, however I have not found this to be a problem, and it only takes a second to add more water if you need it. Nice to see a product that has been intelligently redesigned!